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Clarifying Who Mows City Boulevards

(Original post date June 8, 2018) In new developments, homeowners can find it confusing to understand who is responsible for mowing the grass on boulevards. Grass should NOT BE HIGHER than 6 inches. A boulevard is the public space between the homeowners house and the...

Four Year Report To The Community

It’s been almost four years that I have been serving as the South Winnipeg – St Norbert Ward Councillor.  A major commitment I made to residents was to improve communication on Ward and City issues. I have worked hard to provide updates on important issues and...

2018 Canada Day Events in South Winnipeg!

There are four Canada Day parties in South Winnipeg St Norbert on July 1st! Please join me in celebrating Canada's 151st birthday with friends, family, and neighbours! Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and community groups who've come together and organized...

Dry Fountain Flowing Again As Mayor, Councillor Spray Blame At Each Other

Thank you to the Winnipeg Free Press for covering this story Dry fountain flowing again as mayor, councillor spray blame at each other Winnipeg Free Press       By: Aldo Santin            Posted: 06/21/2018 7:48 PM Mayor Brian Bowman laid the blame for the dry...

Bridgwater Lakes Residents Steamed About Dry Spray Pad

(Photo credit: Andrew Ryan - Winnipeg Free Press) Thank you to the Winnipeg Free Press for covering this story Bridgwater Lakes residents steamed about dry spray pad Winnipeg Free Press       By: Maggie Macintosh                       Posted: 06/20/2018 9:28 PM   As...

Traffic Calming Options For Residential Streets

We receive many calls on how to slow speeding vehicles down on residential streets. This blog will provide you with an insight to the issue and options. The City’s street system is set up as follows: Residential streets (Priority 3) feed traffic onto Collector...

South Winnipeg Suburbs’ Amenities Take Hit In City, Developer Spat

(Photo Credit: Mikaela Mackenzie - Winnipeg Free Press) Thank you to the Winnipeg Free Press for covering this very important issue. South Winnipeg suburbs' amenities take hit in city, developer spat Winnipeg Free Press        By: Aldo Santin              Posted:...


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