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Stay up to date on issues that impact our South Winnipeg - St. Norbert Ward. All of these topics have been on my home page at some point and are archived here.

YOUR Transportation Priorities – 2018 City Budget

As the representative for South Winnipeg–St. Norbert, which is Winnipeg's most populated ward (~68,000 people), I’m inviting you to e-mail me your comments on transportation investments which Winnipeg City Council will be voting upon in the 2018 budget. (E-Mail: ...

Progress Made on Illegal Rooming Houses

My Councillor’s Report to the Community on Illegal Rooming Houses provides an overview of the work initiated by the Fort Richmond-University Heights Neighbourhood Association, myself and many others in order to combat the proliferation of illegal rooming houses in the...

Students at Parc La Salle Celebrate New Sidewalk on Houde Drive

Local students getting things done The Sou'Wester    By: Janice Lukes — St. Norbert City Councillor Ward Report Posted: 10/6/2017 8:39 PM   Grade 1 and 2 students at Parc La Salle School in St. Norbert are celebrating the installation of 100 metres of new...

My September, 2017 Newsletter

I’ve just prepared a comprehensive E-newsletter, highlighting interesting topics and current issues at City Hall, as well as upcoming meetings and events in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward. It's your opportunity to stay informed on what's happening! Read...

New City Tool to Search for Building Permits

As of July, 2017, residents are now able to search properties on the City of Winnipeg website to see if building permits have been secured for construction in residential homes.  This is a new and important tool to combat illegal rooming houses. Permits provide a...

Compliance Approach to By-Law Enforcement Process

My office receives many E-Mails and phone calls from residents asking why it takes the City so long to resolve a by-law infraction. This overview is meant to help you understand the process involved in reporting infractions, investigation timelines and the City’s...

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