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Stay up to date on issues that impact our South Winnipeg - St. Norbert Ward. All of these topics have been on my home page at some point and are archived here.

My April, 2018 Newsletter

I’ve just prepared a comprehensive E-newsletter, highlighting interesting topics and current issues at City Hall, as well as upcoming meetings and events in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward. It's your opportunity to stay informed on what's happening! Read April,...

2018 Spring Clean Up and Reporting Damage from Snow Removal

The City has started its annual spring clean up! Streets are being washed and swept, boulevards are being brushed to remove sand, and parks and greenspaces are being cleaned!  See the  Spring Clean on the City of Winnipeg website for a complete overview on the Spring...

Local Community Bike Repair Kiosk Now OPEN!

The brand new public access community bike repair kiosk is now open!! I’m very pleased to have provided City of Winnipeg funding support to the U of M Cycle Bike Kiosk ! This brand new bike repair kiosk is located on the grounds of the University of Manitoba behind...

Improving Transit in South Winnipeg

By spring of 2020,  the Southwest Transitway is projected to be completed and in operation!  For the next year and a half, Transit’s route planners will be reviewing CHANGES to existing transit routes in South Winnipeg. Shorter routes will ‘feed into’ the corridor,...

Win a Back Yard Composter! Learn about Brady, Recycling & Composting

Join me on Thursday May 10th to learn about many new developments in the world of waste management! Learn about changes to what you can and can’t recycle! Learn how to backyard compost all your orange peels, apple cores and more! Learn what new developments are...

Evolving Traffic Patterns & Traffic Studies in Waverley West

As more and more people move into the neighbourhood of Waverley West, traffic increases and patterns develop and change. This increased volume in traffic has an impact on the new community and the surrounding communities. Over the duration of my term, I’ve made...

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