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Community Festivals And Food For Those In Need

(Photo Credit: John Woods - Winnipeg Free Press) This Saturday, June 23rd is a VERY special day in South Winnipeg. Two very giving communities, our Mormon and Muslim friends - are BOTH holding Festivals and are BOTH holding a Food Drive for Winnipeg Harvest! Let’s...

Traffic Calming Options For Residential Streets

We receive many calls on how to slow speeding vehicles down on residential streets. This blog will provide you with an insight to the issue and options. The City’s street system is set up as follows: Residential streets (Priority 3) feed traffic onto Collector...

South Winnipeg Suburbs’ Amenities Take Hit In City, Developer Spat

(Photo Credit: Mikaela Mackenzie - Winnipeg Free Press) Thank you to the Winnipeg Free Press for covering this very important issue. South Winnipeg suburbs' amenities take hit in city, developer spat Winnipeg Free Press        By: Aldo Santin              Posted:...

Requesting Mayor’s Support To Resolve Impasse – Waverley West

(Original Publish Date: June 13, 2018) As area Councillor, I have reached the limits of my power to resolve an impasse between the Public Service and developers of the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater and South Pointe. I have requested the Mayor’s support to use his...

U of M’s Vibrant Vision For Southwood Unveiled

The University of Manitoba is having more discussions about the development of the Southwood lands. Recently they announced a Board of Directors to oversee development.  The Winnipeg Free Press is covering a luncheon where the University is discussing a vibrant vision...

Drainage Upgrades in Bridgwater Lakes

As part of their development agreement, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation (MHRC) hired a contractor to work on drainage improvements behind homes and along pathways. My office has been told they expect these improvements to take approximately 4-6 weeks...

Applications For New Apartment Complex Approved

I want to thank all the residents who came out and spoke at the public hearing. Through these discussions and concerns about long term plans for University Heights,  I’ve made a motion requesting the Public Service to undertake a planning study to investigate the...


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