2016 Preliminary Budget – Update #3 (Ward Focused – Water and Waste, Riverbank Management & Environment)

Janice 2016 budget

To keep the 66,700+ residents in my ward informed, I will be providing a series of “ward specific” updates on projects impacting the 13 communities that comprise the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward.  Please watch my website, as additional updates will be added over the next few weeks!

The City’s Standing Policy Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment presented their 2016 budget on Friday, March 4.   The Chair of this Committee is Councillor Brian Mayes.  Below is a summary of the committee’s 2016 key projects that will be occurring in the South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Ward.  Full details can be found in Volume 3 of the City’s DRAFT 2016 Capital Budget.


D’Arcy Lift Station Upgrade (Volume 3, Page 2-245)

Upgrading to the lift station / pump capacity to mitigate the risk of basement flooding. Work will be done on hydraulics, structural safety, odour and aesthetic problems related to sewage collection and transfer to South End Sewage Treatment plan.

  • 2016 – $400K 


Brady Road Resource Management Facility (Brady Road Landfill)

There is a lot of activity occurring at the Brady Road Resource Management Facility.  Projects in the 2016 budget include:

Administration Building  (Volume 3, Page 2-245): The current on-site office building is a trailer which has been used since 1973. It is no longer adequate to support new waste management programing and staffing.

  • 2016 – $550K Funding to design/engineer new building
  • 2017- $2.5 M Funding to construct

Alternative Energy Feasibility Study  (Volume 3, Page 2-246): Currently, landfill gas is flared off. Gas to energy systems are common in landfills throughout North America.

  • 2016 – $200K Funding to study exploration and development of  a landfill gas to energy system
  • City is in discussions with Manitoba Hydro to contribute to study

Cell Construction (Volume 3, Page 2-247):  Annual cell construction to accommodate refuse. Work involves constructing clay or artificial liners and a leachate (landfill liquids) collection system.

  • 2016 – $2.6 M
  • Six year total $9.2M
  •  This work is a mandatory licensed requirement under the Province of Manitoba’s Environment Act.

Drainage, Roadways and Site Improvements (Volume 3, Page 2-249):  Internal drainage, storage and testing of runoff, internal roadway (named Charrette Road), security and communication upgrades.

  • 2016 – $600K  (previous year’s investments $5.81 M)
  • This work is a mandatory requirement of Province of MB environmental license
  •  This work is a mandatory licensed requirement under the Province of Manitoba’s Environment Act.

Landfill Gas Capture Expansion – Phase 2:  The current landfill gas collection system is constructed in the inactive (completed portion of the landfill).  There is no current collection of landfill gases in the active portion of the landfill. The active disposal cell is expected to close in 2015. If gas is not collected in this cell, objectionable odours will emit and impact nearby neighborhoods. Flammable gas must be collected and destroyed. Costs include preliminary design/engineering and construction.  The city is also studying a gas to energy system.

  • 2016 – $1.6M
  • This work is a requirement of Province of MB environmental license
  •  This work is a mandatory licensed requirement under the Province of Manitoba’s Environment Act.


Riverbank Stabilization (Volume 3, Page 2-136-137)

The budget for riverbank stabilization for the next 5 years is approx. $1 Million annually CITY-WIDE.   Of the ten identified locations slated for riverbank stabilization, two are forecast to occur in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward in future:

  • 3rd on the list: Red River – River Road to Rivergate Drive ($2.9 Million)
  • 8th on the list: Red River – D’Arcy Drive ($3.6 Million)

With a limited annual budget of $1 Million for the entire city, it’s premature to provide a specific timeline for these two projects.


Other City-Wide Projects Included in 2016 Budget 

It is vital to understand that 84% of Winnipeg’s Water and Sewer projects are legislated by the Province of Manitoba, and the City is legally obligated to implement these projects.  In particular, regulations under the Province’s Environment Act Licenses for Winnipeg’s three sewage treatment plants have necessitated large increases in capital and operating costs.  Projects include:

North End Sewage Treatment Plant (NEWPCC) Biological Nutrient:  $569.37 Million estimate is based on “Class 5” cost estimate (estimate has an accuracy range of between -50% and +100%; to be completed in 2019+).

South End Sewage Treatment Plant (SEWPCC) Upgrading and Expansion:  $335.6 Million by 2019 (Class 3 Estimate)

West End Sewage Treatment Plant:  $33 million (completed in 2010)

Bio Solids (poop) Management Program:  $274 Million estimate – awaiting report from Province of Manitoba

Combined Sewer Overflow:  $1.2 billion estimated – awaiting report from Province of Manitoba

Waste Management at Brady Resource Management Centre

Water Treatment Plant:  $300 Million (completed in 2009)

Water Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Upgrade (SCADA):  $3.9 Million in 2016 – which completes a $12.3M investment controlling and monitoring the operation of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant and the Water supply and Distribution system.

Ongoing upgrades and maintenance of sewer and water pipes


Balancing a budget to needs, wants, and affordability in a progressive, growing city requires difficult decisions.  I have prepared this Budget Update for purposes of greater transparency, and to enhance communication with residents.  Your input is appreciated.   I represent YOU at City Hall, so please tell me what you think: Contact me.



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