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Applications For New Apartment Complex Approved

I want to thank all the residents who came out and spoke at the public hearing. Through these discussions and concerns about long term plans for University Heights,  I’ve made a motion requesting the Public Service to undertake a planning study to investigate the...

Clarifying Who Mows City Boulevards

In new developments, homeowners can find it confusing to understand who is responsible for mowing the grass on boulevards.  A boulevard is the public space between the homeowners house and the street. Sometimes there is a sidewalk in the boulevard, sometimes there...

Fire Hall In Waverley West

Fire Hall in Waverley West – Standards of Response Coverage Report In September, 2016 the City awarded a $186,000 contract to consulting firm Emergency Services International to produce a ‘Standards of Response Coverage’ report (SORC). Emergency Services International...

YOUR INPUT on the Development Application Notification Process

The City is looking at ways to improve public NOTIFICATION of land development so processes are as open and transparent as possible. Often, small yellow signs are posted indicating there is a development application. Sometimes depending on the side of lot or...

How Serious Is The City’s TOP LEADERSHIP About Cycling Safety?

Do you find yourself cycling and then suddenly your bike lane or pathway just disappears into a major construction zone and you are forced into traffic? We are experiencing record road construction this season, yet almost a year and a half later a report to develop...

South Winnipeg St Norbert Ward Is Splitting In Two

Thank you to the Sou’wester for covering this very significant change in South Winnipeg. It’s been a challenging four years handling the population growth and trying to respond to and represent citizens in the South Winnipeg –St. Norbert ward. It will be bitter sweet...

$3 Million Rehabilitation of Waverley Street in 2018-2019

I receive many calls on the condition of Waverley Street – south of the Perimeter Highway extending to just before La Barriere Park. I have worked with residents over the past three years to ensure regular grading / dust and magnesium chloride treatments are applied,...

Councillor’s May 2018 Update On Illegal Rooming House File

On May 15th,  I attended the Ft. Richmond University Heights Neighbhourhood Association’s third Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Association formed with a vision of being a vibrant, safe and diverse neighbourhood where people take pride in their property, and work...


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