Safety Improvements on South Perimeter Highway

(Photo credit: Joe Bryksa – Winnipeg Free Press)

Due to the rapid growth in South Winnipeg, the Perimeter Highway is being used more and more as a ‘regional road’ vs what it was designed to be – a major transportation corridor. Extremely hazardous conditions exist with this increased volume of traffic and the combination of suburban vehicles and tractor trailers. Please drive with extreme caution. Also know that the Province of Manitoba will be starting a consultation process shortly to hear your concerns and will be investing in significant interim safety measures.

Plans for the South Perimeter Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH 100)*

November 2017, Province announces First Steps Leading to South Perimeter Reconstruction

Recently, WSP Consulting  was engaged by the Province of Manitoba to provide a functional design study for the reconstruction of the South Perimeter Highway (PTH 100), including a proposed future St. Norbert bypass. The PTH 100 redesign would create a modern freeway thoroughfare, where highway access is provided by service roads, ramps or loops, and interchanges with overpass structures.

The functional design will also include plans for a future western bypass of the St. Norbert neighbourhood, starting at PTH 75 south of the area and running north to PTH 100 at Kenaston Boulevard. An increasing volume of vehicles directly accessing the highway at more locations results in safety and operational problems. There are currently multiple uncontrolled access points and median openings along the south Perimeter Highway where traffic volumes are more than 30,000 vehicles per day. There have been numerous collisions at controlled intersections with stop signs and many intersections do not have adequate space to accommodate turning vehicles, which causes safety issues.

The Perimeter Highway is one of the most important economic corridors in Manitoba and is a major route for many people every day. Significant interim safety measures are needed while the Province develops a plan to ensure the safety of all who use the road in the longer term.

The functional study is estimated to take two years to complete. The study will guide more detailed design work and reconstructions on PTH 100 in the future, preserve the necessary land for the proposed St. Norbert bypass, recommend closure of uncontrolled access points onto the South Perimeter Highway, and support local area development and land-use planning.

Throughout the project, there will be many opportunities for municipalities and interested individuals to learn more about the study and provide input towards the design recommendations. WSP Consulting will be visiting communities within the study area to share information, answer questions  on improving safety on the Perimeter Highway at uncontrolled intersections from Portage Avenue on the west to Fermor Avenue on the east, as well as other safety concerns along this section of highway. Event dates will be posted shortly along with opportunities for productive public engagement sessions will be announced.

*(information gathered from Province of Manitoba and Winnipeg Metropolitan Regional Times)