Traffic Calming Options For Residential Streets

We receive many calls on how to slow speeding vehicles down on residential streets. This blog will provide you with an insight to the issue and options.

The City’s street system is set up as follows:

Residential streets (Priority 3) feed traffic onto Collector Streets.

  • Ie: You leave your home on Abbeydale Crescent (P3)  and enter onto Bridgland Dr. North (P2)

Collector streets (Priority 2) feed traffic onto Regional Streets.

  • ie: You travel on Bridgland Drive North (P2) and enter onto Waverley Street (P1) Transit buses also ‘collect’ people on P2’s

Regional Streets (Priority 1) gather traffic from many Collector streets and connect to other Regional Streets. Ie: Waverley connects to other P1’s Bison Drive, Bishop Grandin Blvd, Kenaston Blvd. etc.

Traffic Calming on Residential Streets

These are options that residents can consider:

  1. INSTALL ‘PLEASE SLOW DOWN’ SIGNS:  Contact my office for a Please Slow Down Sign (note these signs must be installed on private property only. Not on City boulevards please) Some of the local toy stores also sell plastic signs that say ‘Children Playing, Please Slow Down’.
  2. CONDUCT ‘MPI SPEED WATCH PROGRAM’:  Organize residents on your street to conduct a speed watch program. See details of SPEED WATCH program. This is a ‘driver education and awareness program’ that is very effective. I’ve personally participated in this program and it helps in educating drives about speed. CONTACT Manitoba Public Insurance
  3. CONSIDER ‘SPEED HUMP INSTALLATION’: The City has a SPEED HUMP program that enables residents to discuss and have speed HUMPS installed, but all THREE CRITERIA must be met before humps are installed. Before residents start this program, I advise calling my office to discuss if your residential street meets the criteria.
  4. EDUCATE RESIDENTS: OFTEN the people who are speeding at the very residents who live on the street. Manitoba Public Insurance has a spectacular Putting the Brakes on Speeding brochure that can be ordered and you can deliver to mailboxes of residents. IF you have a neighbhourhood association, reach out to them and ask for their support in crafting a note that can be attached to the brochure requesting residents respect the speed limit. CONTACT Manitoba Public Insurance
  5. REQUEST TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT: Contact 311 by phone or and request Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) enforcement. Please note that the WPS prioritize traffic enforcement to Priority 1 streets but if there are repeated requests for enforcement, they will enforce when time allows.

Please note a request has been made by the Riel Community Committee to have the Public Service look at changing the process which is required to secure speed humps. The request is also asking the department look at new traffic calming devices in addition to speed humps. We anticipate the report will be completed by late summer. Any recommendations resulting from the report would not come into effect until next year, at the earliest. See Speed Hump Motion

Please also note, since elected I have been piloting speed tables on a variety of collector streets in the ward. Speed Tables are different that Speed Humps and are applied to Collector Streets. See Traffic Calming Update