This page highlights Janice’s projects and experience PRIOR to being elected. Janice has raised over $65 million for infrastructure projects over the past 14 years (2000-2014) She’s worked with over 50 community groups in Winnipeg and brought community concerns to City Hall over 60 times. The projects listed below are the most significant Janice has been involved in, led and completed.

Fort Richmond

École St. Avila School – Award Winning Natural Playground and Drainage System

  • Secured $800,000 from more than 20 private and government partners.
  • Provincial precedent setting project.

Water on the Land – Sustainable Stormwater Management Guide

  • Secured $35,000 to develop a bilingual how‐to‐guide on educational and environmental drainage for school grounds, public spaces and mid‐size commercial properties.
  • Ensured every school in Manitoba received a guide.

School Safety – Safer Routes to School

  • Secured national funding for two years to study safe transportation routes for children at Ryerson, Dalhousie and École St. Avila.
  • Resulted in upwards of $1.5 million in transportation safety infrastructure to be installed in Ft. Richmond in 2013 and 2014.
  • Secured an additional $500,000 from City of Winnipeg in precedent setting funding for “school transportation corridors.”

 Pembina Highway – Safer Sidewalks

  • Through community collaboration, enabled $800,000 in transportation improvements, specifically sidewalks and crossing lights, for pedestrians and cyclists – to be completed in 2014.

Ryerson School Playground Redevelopment

Award Winning Natural Playground and Drainage System

  • Assisted in securing upwards of $35,000 for playground improvements.
  • Supported and advised the school’s Parent Committee on the redevelopment of their school grounds. Dalhousie and Acadia School Skateboard and Community Park Redevelopment
  • Secured upwards of $150,000 in government and private funding.
  • Supported parent committees and the Pembina Trails School Division in the redevelopment of school grounds.

University Heights / U of M / Ft. Richmond

First‐of‐its‐Kind Walking and Cycling Map (English and Chinese Versions)

  • Secured more than $45,000 from multiple partners.
  • Led the development of this new community‐focused walking and cycling map by collaborating with Pembina Active Living 55+, Pembina Trails School Division, Manitoba Chinese Community Centre, and more than 10 additional community organizations.

Safer Routes to Game Day at the Investors Group Field

  • Leading the advocacy for safer walking and cycling infrastructure to the Stadium – member of Event Day Advisory Committee.

Bishop Grandin Trail Expansion

  • Secured $1.8 million in funding to develop Bishop Grandin Trail West.
  • Collaborated with the community of University Heights on location and positioning of trail.

Fort Garry Bridge Improvements

  • Advisory Committee representative on the bridge sidewalk rehabilitation.

South St. Vital

Connections in Community

  • Secured $250,000 in tri‐party funding for extension of Seine River Greenway Trail in partnership with Save our Seine environmental group.
  • Collaborated with City of Winnipeg to develop the Dakota Trail – advisor to $20 million of economic stimulus funding for transportation.
  • Secured $500,000 in funding and led development and installation of wayfinding trail signage and trailheads.

Henteleff Park Trail and Park Development

  • Assisted Henteleff Park Foundation with tree plantings, pathway development and recognition events.

Normand Park Trail Connectivity

  • Acted in advisory capacity to the Residents’ Association for trail development and desired connectivity to Van Hull Estates.

St. Norbert

St. Norbert Farmers’ Market – Community Park Upgrades

  • Secured $850,000 from more than 15 partners to develop bioretention drainage system and public community space.
  • Led the redevelopment of the Farmers’ Market site drainage and Community Park.

St. Norbert BIZ Streetscaping

  • Secured $350,000 and is managing the design, development and installation of five public seating areas in the St. Norbert BIZ zone.

St. Norbert Sidewalks and Trail Development

  • Secured $200,000 and led the development of Sentier Cloutier Trail on Provincial Lands within the City of Winnipeg.
  • Re‐routed the Trans Canada Trail into St. Norbert and developed interpretative historic walking guide and signage for St. Norbert Heritage Trails System.

École Noël‐Ritchot Soccer Field Development

  • Secured upwards of $200,000 to improve soccer fields and develop natural playground and environmental drainage project.

Southwood Golf Course Support

  • Collaborated with the golf course on relocation to St. Norbert and developed safe pedestrian and cycling access.

Waverley West and Waverley Heights

Bridgwater Lakes, Bridgwater Forest and South Pointe Sidewalk and Trail Network

  • Advocated in the formative years of Waverley West to enable extensive trails and sidewalks.
  • Since 2006, presented multiple times at City Hall on transportation and Waverley West area structure plans.
  • Worked with City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Coordinator to link Bridgwater Lakes, Crampton’s, and the Bishop Grandin Trail (occurring fall 2014).

School Safety – Bonnycastle School

  • Advising the parent representatives on transportation and school travel and how to secure funding for active transportation and school safety infrastructure.

 Albrin Lake Park Upgrade

  • Worked with City of Winnipeg in rehabilitating and linking community to the Bishop Grandin Trail.


City of Winnipeg

Designation of Red River as a Canadian Heritage River

  • Secured $100,000 towards the national conference designating the Red River as a Canadian Heritage River.

The Forks

  • Secured $400,000 from various private and government partners and led the development of the South Point Water Stewardship project.

 Rapid Transit Phases 1 and 2

  • Member of the Advisory Committee on Rapid Transit ‐ Active Transport.

Winnipeg Rapid Transit

 Trail Network Signage

  • Secured $450,000 from multiple partners for route identification project and developed a trail signage identification system within the City of Winnipeg.
  • Received multiple design awards.


Walkways and Bike Paths throughout the City

  • As Executive Director and Chair of the Winnipeg Trails Association, led the movement to develop upwards of $45 million in sidewalks and pathways throughout Winnipeg.

 Chief Peguis Freeway Bridge

  • Instrumental in securing upwards of $5 million to develop first Pedestrian‐Cycling Bridge on the Chief Peguis Greenway.

Involvement with the City of Winnipeg

  • Presented to City Council and at Community, Standing Policy, Executive Policy Committee meetings more than 50 times over the past 14 years.
  • Understand process and what is required to effectively communicate a message – a grassroots spokesperson.
  • Approached the St. Norbert Ward Councillor in 2013 to work part‐time on ward projects.

Province Of Manitoba

First‐of‐its‐Kind Active Transportation in Manitoba

  • Chaired the Provincial Active Transportation Advisory Group to develop innovative provincial Active Transportation recommendations to the Province of Manitoba.

Duff Roblin Park and Greenway Trail

  • As co‐chair of Red River Floodway Trail Coalition, collaborated to develop the trail system on the floodway and Highway 59 pedestrian flyover.
  • Collaborated with multiple stakeholders, communities and user groups to relocate Duff Roblin Park to floodway gated area.

Winnipeg Floodway

Government of Canada

Infrastructure Fundraising Consultant

  • Extensive experience in securing Federal funding for projects: Infrastructure Stimulus, Environment Canada, Building Canada Fund, Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund, and more.

Government of CanadaBruinooge & Janice


Upcoming Events

  1. Breakfast with Santa – Waverley CC

    December 15 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  2. Malaysian Foodorama – December 22, 2018

    December 22 @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  3. Lohri Mela 2019

    January 12, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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Incredible afternoon at Manitoba Chinese Family Centre Christmas & New Years Concert. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago  ·  

Another milestone reached in development of a new neighbourhood 2 include schools & recreation campus - critical step towards development of the ‘bones’ (pipes/roads/drainage).
DRAFT Secondary Plan-Waverley West Neighbourhood B. For review & comment: winnipeg.ca/ppd/PublicEngagement/WaverleyWestB/documents/Waverley-West-B-Secondary-Plan-Draft.pdf Bridgwater Lakes Community Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association Bridgwater Trails Community South Pointe Residents' Group Prairie Pointe Neighbourhood Association South Winnipeg Community Centre
... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  

‪Incredible evening of traditional Balinese music, dancers direct from Bali, food & friends raising $$ to help w/ devastating 2018 Indonesian earthquakes/tsunami-
hosted by Indonesian Society of Manitoba

Soft spot in my ❤️ having been 2 Bali & Lombok-such art/culture/tradition & breathtaking beauty. Thank you Indonesian Society of Manitoba for such a magical evening sharing your beautiful culture & for raising funds. #Gamelan
... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

W/ WinnipegRealtors Peter Squire, Lanny McInnes & many many of our City building partners from Manitoba Homebuilders honouring association members & new Chair Tanya Maric from Maric Homes A wonderful evening. Thank you ! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago  ·  

Attended the South Winnipeg Community Centre Volunteer Appreciation celebration last nite-many many volunteer coaches/convenors/& supporting family & friends were in attendance.

Heartfelt speeches & awards were presented in appreciation for all the time & expertise provided so our children can stay active & healthy in our community.

The South Winnipeg Community Centre has a huge catchment area - an area encompassing the fastest growing area of our City. Hundreds of new families are moving into the Community Centre’s catchment and signing up for soccer, basketball, hockey and more!

Because the area is growing faster than ever anticipated by City planners & elected officials - the three facilities used by South Winnipeg Community Centre are struggling to be able to serve the entire community’s needs (Richmond Kings building/rink on Silverstone, the Ryerson building/rinks by Ryerson School, & the Waverley buildings/rinks on Chancellor)

This lack of recreation space is being addressed-not as soon as we all would like-but is-significant progress has occurred & more is in the works (I’ll post more on progress in coming week) Bridgwater Lakes Community Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association Bridgwater Trails Community South Pointe Residents' Group Prairie Pointe Neighborhood Association Richmond West - Fairfield Park Residents Association

So-these old facilities, lacking in so many features- result in extensive organization-co-ordination-scheduling, re-scheduling & more by volunteers & staff to deliver the programming requirements for our children.

As parents-we live for our children & do whatever it takes to ensure their utmost health and well being. To have OTHER parents dedicate so much time and effort for ALL our children, under challenging conditions- is indeed something to be thankful for.

Thank you to all the volunteers AND amazing staff @ South Winnipeg CC for all you do to strengthen, grow & support our children. Thanks Nicole Bourgouin Carnegie Re-Elect Julie Fisher 2018 Art/Murray/Chuck/Craig/Jamie & so many more! It was a wonderful evening - the food,entertainment & prizes!

thank you thank you for working so hard!

(& yes-those new digital signs can’t come soon enough!!)
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4 weeks ago  ·  

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