Revised Development Plans in Bridgwater Forest

On May 3, 2017, Manitoba Housing, developer of the Bridgwater neighbourhoods, hosted an open house to receive community feedback on its proposal to build 21 lots on a 6.9 acre property at Prominence Point and Bridgland Drive North.

UPDATE:  Based on the comments received at the Open House, Manitoba Housing has revised the development plan to:

  • Reduce the total number of single family lots from 21 to 17
  • Increase the lot widths to be consistent with the surrounding lot widths
  • Increase buffer areas (including plantings in the buffer areas) between the new and existing lots on Prominence Point and Bridlewood Road
  • Remove the pathway in the buffer area between the newly created lots and Bridlewood Road

More details are shown in the drawings below.

Manitoba Housing has stated it intends to move forward with this revised plan for subdivision with the City of Winnipeg later this year.   A date has not yet been finalized.

For more information, contact Manitoba Housing at 204-945-5944; email; or visit their website.

Bridgwater Forest School Site Final Development Plan (Sept 2017) (2)

Bridgwater Forest School Site Digital Plan (Sept 2017)