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Hello All!*

Welcome Spring! As we sweep away the remains of winter, I encourage you to find time to review what is happening in the South Winnipeg St Norbert ward. I’ve been working on and supporting many initiatives that are improving our community! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on these or other initiatives:

1. Improving Transit in South Winnipeg

I receive countless inquiries wanting improved transit service in South Winnipeg. Please read the overview on the steps we are taking to improve the service. The Transit department is preparing for the opening of the new Southwest Transitway in the spring of 2020. Significant changes will be occurring on routes in South Winnipeg that will ultimately enable greatly improved service. See Improving Transit.

2. AGM: Ft. Richmond & University Heights Residents Association - Rooming Houses

Join us on May 15th for a complete update on rooming initiatives. Mr. P Squires from the ManitobaREALTORS will be speaking on neighbourhood real estate prices, and Realtor's Code of Ethics. I will update on data collection, licensing study, new apartments and detail my ongoing work on this file for the coming years. I also encourage residents from neighbouring communities who are interested in learning how to combat illegal rooming houses to attend (Waverley West communities, Waverley Heights, Richmond West, Fairfield Park and others). This will be a very informative meeting. See AGM.

3. Evolving Traffic Patterns, Studies and Waverley West

New communities bring much change! As new residents move in, traffic volumes are increasing and traffic patterns are changing. I'm continually working with residents and the Public Works department to review and make changes to traffic infrastructure. This overview is a short summary of the work that is occurring in Waverley West neighbourhood. Next month I will profile traffic initiatives occurring in another part of South Winnipeg - St Norbert ward. See Traffic Patterns and Studies.

4. 2018 Construction of Sidewalks, Pathways and Roads

This is another record year for constructions of roads and active transportation infrastructure in the City of Winnipeg! I have prepared information specific to the South Winnipeg St Norbert ward for your review. You can review 2018 road construction, 2018 Active Transportation construction and Northbound Pembina Highway construction details, the largest road project we have this year.

5. Welcome Guru Nanak Mission Centre

Residents of St Norbert and members of Guru Nanak Mission Centre gathered to celebrate the opening of a new Guruwarda and the festive occasion of Vaisakhi. The Guru Nanak Mission Centre is a Sikh place of worship and prayer located in the former Richmond Motors building. St Norbert has always been a gathering place of people and cultures and we welcome all the memebers of the Guruwarda! See Guru Nanak Mission Centre.

6. Pembina Bike Checks and Tune Ups

Drag those bikes out and get them tuned up for a busy season! Check out the brand new U of M Manitoba Bike Repair Kiosk open throughout the week. Learn how to fix your own bike and pick up a new City of Winnipeg Bike map! I'm very pleased to be a proud funding supporter of the U of M Bike Kiosk which is wide open to the public! Also exciting news for students of Ecole South Pointe School, gym teacher Dan Spiers, myself and a team of helpers (feel free to volunteer) are holding two 'Pop up' repair clinics at the school on May 8th and June 12th.

7. Spring Clean Up and Events

The City has launched the annual spring clean-up of roads, parks and greenspaces! The clean-up will take 4-5 weeks. Lots of information on this process, for details, please see 2018 Spring Clean Up. Please ensure you check out the many community clean ups and lend a hand. Thank you to ALL the volunteers who are holding clean ups to help make our communities sparkle! See Events.

8. Learn about Brady, Recycling & Composting

On Thursday May 10th, at Ecole South Pointe School, learn about the many new developments in the world of waste management! Learn about changes to what you can and can’t recycle! Learn how to backyard compost all your orange peels, apple cores and more and find out what new initiatives are underway at Brady Resource Management Centre (Brady Landfill). See Composting.

Fixing bikes at Ecole South Pointe School with students! #GoJetsGo!

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