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As 2019 draws to a close, I’d like to thank all who reach out to me with ideas, comments, suggestions, criticism and compliments! I appreciate ALL of your input on how we can work to make our quality of life and Winnipeg a better place to call home. I aim to provide you with insight as to what is occurring in the Waverley West ward and at City Hall through these newsletters, my website, www.JaniceLukes.ca, Facebook, Twitter, and community newspaper articles. It is an incredible honour to represent such a multicultural area of Winnipeg, and to work with such outstanding leaders in our community. Thank you for the trust you place in me to work on your behalf.

1. Funding Request Submitted to Provincial & Federal Governments for South Winnipeg Recreation Campus Update

Seeing shovels in the ground for a new recreation campus in Waverley West has been my top priority since being elected – and we have made huge progress! Over the years I’ve worked collaboratively with Council, and received unanimous support throughout the entire process, to secure funding to purchase land, to develop a plan for the open field the recreation campus will be situated on, to secure funding for the City’s construction contribution, and to submit a formal application to the Provincial and Federal governments. We are now awaiting news from the Provincial and Federal governments on the City’s funding application so we can start building the recreation campus. For complete details see: Funding Request to Provincial and Federal Governments

2. Crime and Your Support

Winnipeg is experiencing high crime rates throughout the City. The Winnipeg Police Service and many agencies are working hard to combat crime and the root causes. Southwest Winnipeg is one of the safest areas of Winnipeg, with the lowest rates of crime, but we are not exempt. Take action to become more aware about crime prevention activities by checking out the Winnipeg Police website. Please also consider offering your support in any way you can to those in need. For more details see: Crime and Your Support

3. Fire Hall in Waverley West

The top priority for the Waverley West ward in the upcoming budget process is to secure funding for the purchase of land, construction, and staffing of a Fire Hall. The time has come where growth is resulting in further travel distances from existing Fire Halls that service our ward (Pembina and Waverley stations). I am focused on securing funding for land and construction of a Fire Hall in this budget process and encourage YOU to also take action by contacting the Mayor and his Executive Policy Committee, who are planning the budget for the next four years. For complete details see: Fire Hall – Budget 2020

4. Commercial Development Coming to South Pointe

Expect to see a lot of heavy equipment building roads this summer on the northeast corner of Waverley Street and Kenaston Boulevard. This site was recently sub divided into 11 lots and received approval for two new interior roads. This land is zoned for commercial use and I know Ladco developers have great things planned! For more details see: South Pointe Commercial Development

5. Operational Improvements to 311

I’ve been working to improve 311 since I was first elected, but to make positive change, it requires focused support from the Mayor and his Executive Policy Committee. I’ve made a formal motion requesting the public service to provide a summary of projects they are working on so improvements can be made. 311 is the City’s front door to delivering service to citizens and I know it can be greatly improved. It boggles my mind why it seems like I am the only elected official working to improving 311, but I will continue putting the pressure on the political powers to improve. For more details see: Improvements to 311

6. Next New Neighbourhood in Waverley West

The large fields south of the Bridgwater Forest neighbourhood are about to transform into a brand new neighbourhood! Qualico developers are in the process of planning a new residential neighbourhood that will also include the new elementary and high schools, child care facilities and the new recreation campus! New roads will be constructed, sewer and water pipes will be installed, along with parks, pathways and more! Public hearing on these plans is anticipate to occur in the early new year. For more details see: Next New Neighbourhood
A fun afternoon celebrating an early Kwanzaa with excited children! Thank you so much to the Congress of Black Women of Manitoba for an outstanding job of hosting this event!
Wishing you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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