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This is a special update on the impact COVID-19 is having on the City of Winnipeg, and the residents of Waverley West. There are many ways to battle in a war. In the war against COVID-19, it is your duty, it is your role, to stay at home whenever you can. By staying home whenever you can, you will help stop the spread of the virus and save lives.

1. City relief to defer payment of business & property taxes

The City of Winnipeg is providing taxpayers the OPTION to defer payment of 2020 business and property taxes. See: City Relief

2. City declares local state of emergency

Council unanimously voted to declare a Local State of Emergency which gives the City the power to use many ‘levers’ to protect the health and safety of persons and property See: State of Emergency

3. Factual information, City, Province & Federal Governments

It is important to ensure you are receiving factual information in this global crisis. Sadly there are those who want to take advantage of people in times of crisis. Please refer to government websites for factual information: See Government Updates

4. Video communication

I am posting weekly videos on how COVID-19 is impacting activities and projects in our Waverley West neighbourhoods. See: COVID-19 Videos
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THANK YOU to all the front line workers who are working so hard to keep our City safe!
We have illuminated a huge THANK YOU at Pembina and Bison for you!
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