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As the race to get vaccinated and staying safe from emerging variants continues, I hope you are finding time to take care of your mental health. So much change has occurred this past year, and so much uncertainty is still on the horizon. Our parks have seen an incredible increase in use, and I know nature is a great stress reliever for many! I’m working at City Hall, my home office and am holding meetings with residents in the community ward office I now share with Councillor Chambers. I confess I took a break from social media for a little over a week - and highly recommend this! I’m back at posting information, as I do want to keep people updated – but probably will take a few more breaks in the coming months. We are in challenging times, and are being challenged in so many ways. This newsletter is a very very brief update of some of the many projects occurring in the ward and throughout the City. As always, I welcome any feedback, be it friendly or frustrated. Spring is here, along with more daylight to enjoy and relax in the outdoors – make sure you take some time for yourself!

1. Spring Clean Ups

The City and Manitoba Housing are launching spring clean ups in the coming weeks. Huge thanks to Prairie Pointe Neighbourhood Association for their leadership in organizing, and for recruiting many volunteers to help! I know other resident groups are discussing clean ups in their neighbourhoods. Please know I can provide bags, gloves, garbage pickers and some gift cards as we can’t have coffee and treats this year! Spring always reveals a lot of mess, but every year, we all work to clean up our communities and they shine! Thank you to all the volunteers who help to clean up our neighbourhoods!

2. Spray Pad at Whyte Ridge Community Centre

Some great news and work is underway! Many many parents have been requesting a spray pad at the centre, funding is now in place to develop the design and site plans! If you have any favourite spray pad water features, send your requests to me and I will ensure they are presented to the planners. For more details see: Whyte Ridge Spray Pad

3. Medical Cannabis / Marijuana Houses

Houses are being purchased to legally grow medical cannabis / marijuana. This is occurring in the Waverley West ward and throughout the City. Many issues are resulting from some of these houses where cannabis / marijuana is being grown. Illegal activities are emerging around some of these houses where cannabis / marijuana is being grown. This is a complicated issue, involving many layers of government, Health Canada, enforcement agencies and more. Progress is being made, please see: Medical Cannabis

4. Two New Schools with Construction Starting Soon

So incredibly thrilled to have been able to approve plans for the new elementary and high school in Waverley West. I’ve posted the details of the presentation and the video that highlights the many details of the site, including traffic flow, the vocational center and child care center. Underground servicing and roads will be starting this construction season. For complete details please see: New Schools

5. Speeding and Traffic Calming of Streets

The public service has developed a new process to deal with requests for traffic calming of streets. Over the past few years, the public service has seen a dramatic increase in requests to investigate how to traffic calm residential and collector streets. The engineers have developed a six step process starting with a resident making a request. See traffic calming details here: Traffic Calming
Please know you can still request ‘Please Slow Down’ signs from my office. We will be delivering end of May, following the spring street and boulevard clean up. Please email Arian at AArianpour@winnipeg.ca and we will put you on the list.

6. Road & Active Transportation Construction in the Waverley West Ward

More massive road construction is occurring throughout the City this year and some street renewals and rehabilitation are occurring in the Waverley West Ward. I’ve posted a map showing ‘road conditions’ in the ward, along with how roads area selected, and the roads that are going to be reconstructed or rehabilitated. See 2021 Road Construction

NL March
Huge thanks to Prairie Pointe Neighbourhood Association community volunteers for hosting a spring clean up to make our neighbourhoods sparkle!
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