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Hello All!*

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Back to school, back to work, and the pandemic continues to rage on! There is so much going on in our City, Province and world it can be overwhelming! I hope everyone had some time to relax, re-energize and enjoy the hot sunny summer we had. Council meetings are starting up and this is the last session in our four year elected term. Many reports and projects will be moving forward, with the opportunity for extensive public input. One of the huge positive changes from the pandemic, is the ability for residents to become more involved in city decisions through the use of Zoom. You can sit at home and call in to city meetings to voice your thoughts and concerns. Its great seeing so many residents take advantage of this opportunity. I’ve provided a brief update of some of the many projects I’ve been working on, and please know I welcome any comments you may have!

Funding for New South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

Huge thanks to Terry Duguid for ensuring this federal announcement was made before the election was called! We are now embarking on the process to consult, design and construct a long awaited and needed $90 million recreation campus for southwest Winnipeg, and we look forward to much community involvement. See a brief overview Funding for Recreation Campus

Renovation Funding for Waverley Heights and

Richmond Kings Community Centres

Recreation is a priority of mine and was thrilled to announce funding from both the City and Province to upgrade the older facilities of Waverley Heights and Richmond Kings Community Centres. These centres serve the residents of the Waverley West ward and are in dire need of upgrading! Huge thanks to Ministers Jon Reyes and Sarah Guillemard for providing Provincial funding support. See Funding for South Winnipeg Community Centre

Big Plans for Whyte Ridge Community Center

A super article by Whyte Ridge resident Nick Barnes, and board member, on the exciting upgrades and improvements underway at the Whyte Ridge Community Center! Again – recreation is so important to our physical and mental well-being! Am very pleased to be working with such incredible board members to make these improvements happen! See Whyte Ridge Community Center


Welcome to Bison Run

A brand new community is being developed just south of Bridgwater Forest, and west of Waverley! You will see the huge equipment moving the land, installing pipes, created drainage ponds, and paving roads! Bison Run is where the two new schools are being constructed, the new recreations campus and the new fire hall. This community will be home to hundreds of new families! Qualico is developing this first phase of this new community, and plans are in the works to start another phase, just off Kenaston and Bison next year! See Bison Run
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Paddling the La Salle River

Four years in the works and finally a reality! Beyond thrilled to open a beachfront Kayak and Canoe launch at La Barrière Park with my colleague Councillor Chambers. The La Salle River is a lazy windy river that is easy to paddle – no strong currents and is located in La Barrière Park, a City park - located just minutes from southwest Winnipeg. See Kayak and Canoe Launch

Apologies for Delayed Response Times

Please know my ability to provide quick timely turnaround to phone calls and emails is one of the biggest challenges I face in this role. I’ve worked in fields of customer service all my life, and know how critically important service delivery is to customers – and tax payers. I am working with Councillors to improve Councillor service delivery for residents. See Delayed Response Times

Drive Defensively

The pandemic is resulting in a significant increase in traffic collisions and fatalities. We’ve learned of many terrible tragedies on the south Perimeter Highway this summer. The Winnipeg Police Service have increased their focus on speeding and dangerous driving. I have not received as many calls on racing and noise as last year, so, there seems to be some improvements. Manitoba Public Insurance is reporting incredible data and stats also related to traffic collisions and death. Please drive defensively. See Death on Roadways

Journey of Reconciliation

Over the past few weeks, I had the honour of attending the Land Blessing Ceremony at the University of Manitoba – for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation’s permanent home and was witness to the Indigenous Naming Knowledge Circle’s opening ceremony, where survivors will be bringing forward a proposal to rename Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Grandin Street.
Two different events, but both incredibly powerful as we listened to the truths shared by residential school survivors. See Journey of Reconciliation
So many organizations grew food in the new South Pointe Community Garden and are sharing with others! Thank You!
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