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Hello All!*

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A short newsletter on the many projects and issues I’m working on to improve quality of life for residents of Waverley West and all Winnipeggers. It’s great to have opportunities to meet with constituents again - in person - now that the vaccine uptake continues to increase. Winter has arrived, drive with caution, and as always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact me: JLukes@winnipeg.ca

Lest We Forget!

This year again, we will be having a virtual Remembrance Day ceremony in South Winnipeg. I encourage you to ‘tune in’ to the St.Norbert Virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11th, at 10:45 am.

Waverley West is Growing

We are seeing so many new apartments being constructed along Pembina Highway and alongside the new rapid transit corridor, and many more are being proposed. Many of you have asked why all this construction is occurring; here is a brief overview: See Waverley West Is Growing Fast
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Welcoming Payworks to South Pointe

Payworks, a giant workforce management solutions company, is moving to our ward. Plans for their new head office were recently approved and the 88,265 square feet building is anticipated to stimulate much additional commercial development in the immediate area. See Payworks Moving to South Pointe!

Update on Illegal Rooming Houses

Years of work combatting illegal rooming houses is finally taking a turn for the better. The 2021 Annual Report identifying calls for service related to illegal rooming houses shows a downward trend in the neighbourhoods around the University of Manitoba. I do believe we will continue to see a downward trend. See 2021 Update on Illegal Rooming Houses

Traffic Lights Coming to McGillivray Blvd

It's been confirmed that two sets of traffic lights will be installed on McGillivray Boulevard next year! This is such a wonderful news for so many people! These lights will not only make McGillivray safer but will also trigger the City to start formalizing plans for a pedestrian crossing near Front Street. See TWO SETS OF LIGHTS – McGILLIVRAY BLVD

International Mother Language Plaza

On October 12, 2021, we opened the International Mother Language Plaza in Kirkbridge Park. The International Mother Language Plaza acknowledges the struggles many groups have fought to protect their language. Residents of Southwest Winnipeg speak many different languages and this was a dream transformed into reality through the strength, passion and perseverance of so many community members! See International Mother Language Plaza

City of Winnipeg Budget 2022

The preliminary 2022 Operating and Capital budgets for the City of Winnipeg will be tabled at a special meeting of Executive Policy Committee on Friday, November 26. After the EPC tables the budgets, public meetings to hear delegations and consider the preliminary 2022 Operating and Capital budgets will be held. Members of the public are encouraged to continue participate in the Balanced Budget Update process. See Budget 2022

School Bus Safety Being Disregarded

Many students live in apartments and condos along Pembina Highway. Multiple school buses are stopping along Pembina to either pick up or drop off students – and vehicles must stop when the school bus has lights flashing and the stop arm is extended. Illegally passing a school bus results in a large fine and moves you down the Driver Safety Rating scale. Be cautious around school buses, and always stop when a bus’ red lights are flashing. See School Bus Safety Being Disregarded
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This is Not the List We Want to Be On!

Eight of Winnipeg’s top 10 High Collision Intersections are now in South Winnipeg. Enforcement is coming, but that is only part of the solution to reducing collisions and saving lives. YOUR driving skills are a key factor. See Eight of Winnipeg’s top 10 High Collision Intersections in South Winnipeg
Celebrating Diwali with Raj, Ash and the BAPS community
at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple.
Thank you for all your volunteer work and commitment to community!
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