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Hello All!*

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Here comes spring and the water and wonderful weather it brings with it! I’ve included an overview on how to keep your basement dry, along with other informative updates. I post weekly updates on all kinds of local issues to my website, and encourage you to check it out ! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact me: JLukes@winnipeg.ca

Tips for Keeping Your Basement Dry

The snow is melting and has to go somewhere! Please read this very informative overview on how to keep your basement dry! SEE Tips for a Dry Basement

Sports Registration Time

Consider signing your child / children up for sports – team sports are a wonderful way to meet new friends, and burn off energy! SEE Sports Registration Time

Review of Snow & Ice Clearing Policies

This winter highlighted challenges to the City’s snow and ice clearing policies. A review is underway looking at how improvements can be made. SEE Review of Snow & Ice Clearing Policies Underway
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South Perimeter Safety

Please use extreme caution when you drive on the South Perimeter Highway - at any time of year. The extreme winter conditions have highlighted existing maintenance and safety concerns on the South Perimeter. SEE South Perimeter Safety

Reducing Red Tape – Tree Planting

Everyone loves to plant trees, and we need to plant more trees, BUT we need to simplify the process! SEE Reducing Red Tape – Tree Planting

Keslar and Bairdmore to Get 3 Way Stop Signs

After many years, the criteria to install controlled signage has been approved! SEE
3 Way Stop Signs Approved – Keslar and Bairdmore

Coffee & Conversation

Everyone is welcome! Come by Whyte Ridge Community Centre and let’s talk! SEE Coffee & Conversation with the Councillor
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A Bazaar of Treasures

I encourage you to go on an incredible middle eastern shopping trip – right in your own back yard. The Manitoba Islamic Association is hosting another community bazaar on Saturday March 26th. SEE A Bazaar of Treasures
Exciting times as construction is moving along on the new high school and elementary school in the new neighbourhood of Bison Run! Next up – the new recreation campus and fire hall!
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