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If you weren’t old enough to remember the 1997 spring storm, or weren’t living in Canada when the storm hit, please ensure you prepare for the arrival of some very very extreme weather - forecast to start tomorrow! I was living in Winnipeg in 1997, and clearly remember the disastrous impact of the spring storm that blasted Winnipeg - 25 years ago this month! Powerlines were down, trees snapped under the weight of the heavy wet snow, vehicles were completely buried and snowmobiles became the ‘emergency vehicles’ as only they were able to access the streets to help people. It was absolute chaos – but chaos in a very weird way, because it was impossible to move or go anywhere. The City was at a standstill. Nothing was moving. The statements in today’s CBC news article are predicting a very similar, if not worse situation. SO - PLEASE stock up on supplies, reschedule your activities so you don’t have to leave the house, and prepare for extreme forces of nature. Very importantly, please ensure you are prepared if your power goes off ( batteries, flashlights, etc.) as I anticipate it would be a long time till power would resume. The City of Winnipeg’s Emergency Operations Centre is working with civic departments on planning and response to the forecasted storm. Messaging will be pushed out on all social media platforms, 311 will be working, but probably in overload. I cannot stress enough to be prepared for the extreme weather being forecast. And please, stay home if you can.
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South Winnipeg Food Drive April 18 - 30

The blizzard will put the city in lock down, and you probably won’t be going anywhere for a few days SO take this time to go through your cupboards and pantry, and put together a care package of food to drop off next week at the South Winnipeg Food Drive! Harvest Manitoba, myself and many many other individuals and businesses are collecting food for two weeks! Through a very generous donation, we have access to the former Subaru building at 2537 Pembina Highway to collect and store the food. Nonperishable items, canned food, and baby food is needed. There is so much sadness in the world, and many are struggling with the basic needs. Please gather a care package to drop off. See details at: South Winnipeg Food Drive
Stay Safe – Stay Home!
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