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Winnipeggers came out in the thousands to gather peacefully in support of Black Lives Matter. Thank you Winnipeggers! The murder of George Floyd and the global response is rocking the world. A lot has been rocking the world lately. The oppression of black people is centuries old and change must come to make a more equal, just and united society. We must take more action than we’ve ever taken before, and we will. Each of us needs to do better. We have an amazing black community in South Winnipeg. Be strong. Be safe.

1. Phase Two of Opening

There is a lot of information available on what is and isn’t opening, what is and isn’t permitted. All of this information can be found on the City and Provincial websites, which I’ve put on one location: SEE COVID-19. What’s important to remember is, we are entering a ‘new normal’ and we must still take many precautions with our own and our community’s health.

2. Letter to Parents - Speeding

I wrote an open letter to parents after I witnessed many young people driving recklessly one Saturday night. Speed kills. We all must work together in our community to ensure everyone is safe. SEE: Open Letter to Parents If you want to order a Please Slow Down sign, email aarianpour@winnipeg.ca and we will install in your yard.

3. Sod Removal / Replacement

Over the next few week, sod will be removed and replaced in Bridgwater Forest and Lakes. The developer is abiding by the criteria set out in the development agreements. There will be a mess, but soon it will be clean and green SEE Replacement of Sod

4. 2020 Park Upgrades

We have many beautiful parks and greenspaces in the Waverley West ward. Some parks are new and some need some upgrades. Every year I focus much effort and funding into our parks, and always welcome suggestions for improvements. SEE: 2020 Park Upgrades I’m thrilled to be working with the students at HGI School in WhyteRidge who took the lead to organize and fundraise for an accessible swing set and memory bench, SEE Students and Swings

5. 2020 Road & Active Transportation Construction

Record road and active transportation construction in Winnipeg, again this year! In the Waverley West ward, road upgrades are focused in the communities of Whyte Ridge, Waverley Heights, University Heights and Richmond West. Traffic calming projects are also occurring on some key roads. There are also excellent active transportation upgrades occurring, most notably the very long awaited Waverley pathway between Chevrier and Scurfield. SEE Roads and Active Transportation

6. Traffic Calming on Your Street

The City of Winnipeg is in the early stages of developing a process to allow traffic calming infrastructure on residential roads. Till a final process is put in place, here are some activities that you can do to work towards slowing traffic on your street SEE Traffic Calming Your Street
7. Traffic Studies
When an entire new community of 40,000+ residents is ‘attached’ to an existing community, traffic patterns evolve and change. I’ve had many traffic studies conducted by the public service over the years, seeking to improve safety. While I’d like to think the City is being proactive in ensuring correct signage is put in place, sometimes the best feedback is from residents. To see some of the many streets that have been studied for turn signals, stop signs, traffic calming and more, SEE Traffic Studies
8. Brady Resource Management Center (Brady Landfill)
Brady landfill is just south of Waverley West ward and plays an important role for our City overall. Every year I prepare an overview to keep residents updated on significant events, developments and more. SEE Brady Resource Management Center
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We are fortunate to have a powerhouse of smart strong black women in our community. Lead the way!
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