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Thank you for taking time to read my fall e-newsletter. Covid 19 is presenting many challenges, but also many opportunities to re-think the way we do things as individuals, and as a City. I know many people are finding all these COVID related changes to be very challenging. I hope you and your family are finding peace and much quality time together. As we deal with Covid and many issues, I continue to be so thankful we live in Canada, one of the richest and greatest nations in the world. I have included two important surveys in this newsletter and hope you can make time to provide your thoughts. Your feedback will help make positive changes to some of the challenging issues we are facing. Thank you and follow Dr Roussin’s advice!

1. Parents / Caregivers: School Travel Survey

I want to hear from parents / caregivers on how the City of Winnipeg can improve walking and cycling conditions to and from school, and reduce the congestion around schools. PLEASE take 5 minutes to fill out the School Travel Survey. This information will be compiled into a prioritized action plan. More children are now walking and biking to school, and more parents / caregivers are driving to school due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements on school buses. This is impacting families and neighbourhoods. Please tell me what the City can do to improve transportation in and around schools. Thank you to Pembina Trails School Division and Green Action Centre for partnering with me on this important issue. SEE School Travel Survey

2. Road Safety Survey

My office receives countless emails on speeding vehicles, poor driving skills, and traffic violations. Please take 5 minutes to provide your thoughts on how Winnipeg can improve Road Safety. It’s important to raise issues – but – its equally important to contribute to the solution! This survey will help to form Winnipeg’s first Road Safety Plan. Please see the short video and survey at Road Safety Plan.

3. South Winnipeg Recreation Centre Update

Watch this short video that summarizes six years of work, and the significant progress in the development of the new South Winnipeg Recreation Centre. To date, the City is providing $30 M of funding towards the recreation centre, and has a funding application in with the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada. SEE South Winnipeg Recreation Centre.

4. What’s Going on at City Hall?

Media covers many issues at City Hall and many of the stories make people wondering what is going on at City Hall. I wonder myself at times. From my observations, we have a poor foundation in place that needs to change. Change in a democracy is hard because often it means shift in power. I’ve written two short perspectives that I feel explain why such odd things are going on at City Hall. These are purely my perspectives and am always open to discussing further.
SEE: Weathering the Storm – without a Chief Administrative Officer
SEE: Amber Flashing Lights, Leadership & Governance.
Residents gather and provide advice on how to improve walking and cycling in the Waverley West Ward – and form the Waverley West Active Transportation Advisory Committee (WW-ATAC)
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