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We are in challenging times for sure with all the information and news coming at us hourly, it seems it can be difficult not to become overwhelmed! So, if there’s been anytime to justify indulging in things that bring you happiness, it is now! Have that extra scoop of ice-cream, sleep in another hour, leave the laundry piled up, or binge watch some crazy move series! Find something to relieve the stress of what’s going on in our world today. This fall many residents came out to help plant over 120 trees in the community. It was such a fun, stress free activity for everyone that I’m planning to organize another round of tree plantings for 2021. I’m also working with the public service on ideas so the City can support more outside winter activities. If you have ideas for outdoor winter activities in the Waverley West ward that could use some City support, send my way jlukes@winnipeg.ca and I will see what can be done!

1. Virtual St Norbert Remembrance Day Service

On Remembrance Day, please watch a virtual service commemorating the lives of almost 66,000 Canadians lost and some 172,000 injured. Area residents, myself and Councillor Chambers participated in the production of this video that will be released on November 11th, at 10:45am. This entire production was organized by St. Norbert’s Bloomfield family, who’ve been organizing the St. Norbert Remembrance Day services for over a decade. It is an incredible video production and I encourage you to watch it, and remember the sacrifices made for our freedom today. SEE Virtual Remembrance Day in St Norbert

2. Community Garden Plots Coming to South Pointe

If you are interested in having a garden plot next year, please send me an email ASAP jlukes@winnipeg.ca I’m in the process of trying to determine how large a section of land will be needed for keen gardeners, and I’m aiming to find a way to have water at the site! The exact location is being finalized, but will be in the South Pointe neighbourhood. Gardening with family and friends is a wonderful stress free activity with many ‘fruitful rewards’! SEE Community Gardens

3. Impact Fee Refunds

The process the Mayor led to charge impact fees was determined by the Courts to be a constitutionally invalid indirect tax and not a valid user fee or regulatory charge. The City of Winnipeg is in the process of organizing refunds to the building permit applicants. Please contact your homebuilder to determine if you are eligible for the impact fee refund. SEE Impact Fee Update

4. Medical Cannabis Houses

There are houses in the Waverley West ward, and throughout the City of Winnipeg being purchased solely for the purpose of growing medical cannabis. Some of these houses contain over 250 cannabis plants, and are presenting significant challenges to neighbouring homeowners. Councillor Eadie and I brought forward a motion to have the City of Winnipeg review the legalities of this activity, and provide options to make change. SEE Medical Cannabis

5. Protecting Against Crime

I can’t soften the news on these facts. Crime is at an all-time high in Winnipeg. The rise in methamphetamine use combined with the US border closure are reasons cited by the Winnipeg Police Service. As a City, we’ve never spent more money on policing in Winnipeg than we do now. Waverley West ward has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire City – but we still are seeing an increase in crime. Please learn how to protect yourself and your property. SEE Crime Protection

6. Richmond West: Hawstead Road Traffic Calming Pilot

Residents of Hawstead Rd are experiencing a dramatic increase in traffic volume on their street, and while this street was designed as a ‘through street’, it was never designed to handle the current volume of vehicles. City of Winnipeg traffic engineers have proposed a ‘no left turn off Bairdmore Blvd pilot’ to improve the situation. This will change traffic patterns in Richmond West for some drivers. As the City engineers analyze the impacts of the pilot, and you adjust to the change, I ask you to please keep in mind how you are helping improve the quality of life for your neighbours living on Hawstead Rd. Your support is greatly appreciated. I welcome any questions you may have. SEE Hawstead Traffic Calming
Tree Planting 2020:
Happy family planting a trembling poplar tree in Bridgwater Forest
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