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February is I Love to Read Month – so, a great time to check out my February newsletter highlighting projects, progress and activities occurring in the Waverley West ward and in our City! The number of Covid cases are decreasing, and we expect to see some restrictions lifted soon. As a former small business owner, I can well imagine the stress many owners are under. Please support local businesses any time you can, and please take some extra quality time for yourself and your family in these challenging times. I think the pandemic is really highlighting what is important in all our lives. As always, I welcome any comments you may have.

1. Governance Review Underway
I recognize this isn’t the most engaging topic for most, but effective governance is fundamental in how Council governs the City of Winnipeg and invests your tax dollars. It can be a complicated topic – but I’ve put together a series of videos and compiled some recent media to help you understand its importance. I am preparing recommendations on how I think the 24 year old model can be improved, and will be sharing my recommendations in the coming weeks. If you have comments or feedback on the governance model, I encourage you to send them to the consultant conducting the review. SEE Governance Review
2. Communicating in a Pandemic
Everything is ‘pivoting’ in the pandemic. I’ve been working to ensure there are many ‘communication avenues’ for residents to reach out and discuss issues and concerns with me. I miss having the opportunity to see residents at community events and gatherings and catching up on issues. SEE Communication with Residents
3. Redevelopment of Former Southwood Golf Course Lands
The University of Manitoba has been planning and visioning the future of the former Southwood golf course lands for almost 10 years. In January 2021, Council approved the Secondary Plan which sets out a direction for the 56 hectares (140 acres) of land, now called the North Campus Lands. The plan includes preservation of greenspace, development of wildlife corridors, multi-family housing, commercial sites and more! SEE University of Manitoba Redevelopment
4. Major Milestone for New Elementary & High School
Years and years and years of work is culminating with another major milestone in the development of two new schools in the area of Waverley West B! A conditional use permit has been granted to establish an elementary, junior and senior high school and is one step closer to the start of construction! SEE New Elementary & High School
5. Cold Weather Resources for Homeless
This cold weather brings added concerns in helping the homeless. Please see the overview and if you have any additional questions, please contact me. There are many organizations working to protect the vulnerable. SEE Cold Weather
6. Pictures, Parks & Prizes Challenge
We have over 248 hectares (612 acres) of parks and open spaces just in the Waverley West ward! Some are formalized parks, with park identifications signs, and have amenities such as playstructure, firepits, and shade structures – while other are just natural wide open spaces. Bundle up and take some pictures of these beautiful parks and submit to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to a local business! SEE Parks, Pictures & Prizes
Incredible picture of ‘sun setting sun dogs’ overlooking Brady Rd and the frozen fields in the RM of MacDonald.
THANK YOU to local resident Priscilla Kerr for sending the picture!
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