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Wishing you a very Happy New Year! This is my first newsletter since being acclaimed as Councillor for the new Waverley West ward - if you are unsure of the new ward boundaries, please see Waverley West. In the boundary re-alignment, we lost a few neighbourhoods, but have gained the wonderful neighbourhoods of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge. I’ll see you at the Whyte Ridge Winter Carnival in January! Welcome! I’m looking forward to working with the new Council for the 2018-2022 term and with residents of the Waverley West ward to accomplish great things for our City. I encourage anyone who is interested in civic politics to get involved at the local level; join a residents group or sign up on a committee and learn more about your City and community! We live in one of the best countries in the world, and Winnipeg provides a spectacular quality of life for many. Happy New Year!

1. Plans for Park Improvements Underway

We have an abundance of parks in Waverley West – 60 parks in total – which can be a challenge to maintain. Over the past four years I’ve been working with the Parks Department, Community Centres and residents’ groups to prioritize park upgrades and maintenance. Recently I met with the Parks staff to review 2019 plans and projects for the upcoming season. See 2019 Plans for our Parks for more details.

2. Snow and Ice Removal on Pathways

We are a winter city and many many people are active and want to be more active in the winter. Council is very slowly moving forward on a motion I brought forward almost 2.5 years ago but I am very optimistic funding will be included in the 2019 budget to have snow removed from virtually ALL pathways in parks, and have an improved focus on timely snow removal on sidewalks. This is a long process and much to read, but I do believe we will make significant progress on snow removal on sidewalks and pathways for the 2019-2020 winter season. See Update on Snow and Ice Removal on Sidewalks and Pathways.

3. South Winnipeg Recreation Campus Update

Significant progress has been made, and is being made towards the construction of the new South Winnipeg Recreation Campus. This is a very brief update highlighting progress, and concerns. See Update on South Winnipeg Recreation Campus. Keeping kids, teens and seniors active – is important for so many reasons. Can you believe we don’t have a gymnasium in the entire South Winnipeg community centre catchment area? I am working with the Pembina Trails School Division Trustees to see if community members can secure more frequent access to school gym space on weekends. If you are part of an organization or would like to access gym space on weekends, please contact me and we will work on trying to secure space. Email me

4. Crime Prevention Information, Events and More

I’ve put together some good information on crime in the Waverley West ward. See What Crimes are Occurring, see Your Role in Reporting Crimes, and see Community Crime Prevention Activities. While crime rates in South Winnipeg are one of the lowest in the city, there still is crime. I am co-hosting Crime Prevention Workshops in the coming months in our community. The first one will be held in Whyte Ridge on February 20th. See details at Community Crime Prevention Workshop in Whyte Ridge. I am also launching a funding program to encourage Block Parties! One of the best ways to prevent crime is to get to know your neighbours! Now that most of the construction work is done and moving trucks have unloaded, its time to get to know the neighbours! Details are being worked out, but if you are interested in having a block party, please email me

5. 2019 Budget - City & Waverley West Priorities

Budgets reflect a City’s priorities. Please join me, along with Councillor Scott Gillingham (Chair of Finance) and Councillor Markus Chambers (a member of the budget working group) to discuss the “2019 Budget Discussion – as related to City & Waverley West Priorities” on January 9th – 7:00 pm. Short notice - I apologize. Council is working towards passing the 2019 budget at the end of February. I want to share with residents how the budget aligns – or doesn’t – with ward priorities we’ve been working on. Please RSVP to this event as handouts will be prepared. Location is being finalized but it will be held in the ward. RSVP and I will ensure you receive a location update. See details at 2019 Budget-Waverley West.

6. Events - Looking for something to do ?

I encourage you to follow the events section on the front page of my website. There are many great activities occurring in South Winnipeg ranging from winter festivals, budget workshops, cultural Food-o-Ramas, women’s only swim nights, crime prevention workshops, cultural celebrations and more! Please note there are many many celebrations from around the world held in S. Winnipeg – if you’ve never been to one and would like to go, contact me and we can go together! For complete details, see Events.
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City of Winnipeg Council (2018-2022)

Happy New Year!

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