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I create these newsletters to inform residents on local issues and projects occurring in the Waverley West ward. The main stream media outlets do a very good job of covering news related to the entire City, so I try to narrow the focus to ‘Waverley West specific’ updates, along with my activities in these e-newsletters. I also post updates on Facebook and Twitter, and am aiming to start sharing on Instagram! The decisions Council makes at City Hall impact residents on a daily basis and I hope these updates are useful for you. Comments are always welcome: jlukes@winnipeg.ca

1. City Inspectors Caught on Camera

The Free Press has printed an incredible story in the April 5th edition alleging staff in the Property Planning and Development department may not be conducting themselves appropriately during working hours. Please know that I have cleared my schedule and am working to confirm the validity of the allegations. For complete details see City Inspectors Caught on Camera

2. VERY IMPORTANT: Bus Routes Changing – ‘Proposed’ Bus Routes Opportunities & Challenges for Residents

Transformational transit changes are coming to South Winnipeg transit in spring of 2020 when the Southwest Transitway becomes fully operational. New ‘proposed’ bus routes are being presented to the neighbourhoods. These new routes are only ‘proposed’ and staff are collecting feedback. PLEASE take time to review the ‘proposed’ changes to the bus routes. I have prepared a detailed look at the ‘proposed’ new routes in EACH neighbourhood in the Waverley West ward. See Proposed new Bus Routes and PLEASE provide any comments you have. If you want to attend an open house and speak to staff, please see Bus Routes are Changing in South Winnipeg.

3. City of Winnipeg 2019 Budget

Mainstream media has covered the City wide highlights of the 2019 City of Winnipeg Budget. I will be providing a detailed update on how the budget will impact the Waverley West ward in an upcoming newsletter. Councillors not on the budget working group were provided a very short window of time to scrutinize the budget. Many Councillors are looking to change the process used to create the budget. Please see Symbolic Vote for Councillor Equality.

4. Spring is Coming – Book your Community Garden Plot!

Two years ago I put a community garden in alongside Margaret Grant Pool and its been a resounding success! There are a few plots available for this year and booking opens April 8th! See Community Gardens

5. New Housing around University of Manitoba

A new crane has landed on Pembina Highway – not a bird - but a majestic conglomeration of steel that is being used to construct the new student housing complex! I’ve received many inquiries on what's happening with student housing so have prepared an update highlighting the new apartments approved over the past four years! Over 1000 units of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms are being constructed of which many will accommodate students and relieve the pressure on single family house conversions. See Update on New Housing

6. Meet Your Neighbours and Host a BLOCK PARY - Funding & Administrative Support Available

I’ve set aside funding to support residents who want to hold a BLOCK PARTY this year! Waverley West has grown in leaps and bounds, and now that most of the contractors have left, the appliances and furniture has been delivered, its time to meet the neighbours! There are many many benefits to knowing your neighbours; borrowing a cup of sugar, increasing neighbourhood safety, making new friends and more! I’ve gathered some great resources to help you plan a block party, please see Host a Block Party This Year!

7. Events – New Year Celebrations, Spring Celebrations, Spring Clean-Ups & More!

Southwest Winnipeg is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Winnipeg and there are always wonderful celebrations occurring that you are WELCOME to join in celebrating! Along with celebrations, attend some of the transit open houses and watch for neighbourhood spring clean ups! I encourage you to check the Events website often!
Bus routes are changing in Southwest Winnipeg – please make sure you review and offer any comments you have!
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