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Lots of information in the May newsletter and more on my website at http://janicelukes.ca/! These newsletters are meant to provide you with an update on activities at City Hall and in the Waverley West ward. I am always posting information on my website throughout the month and I encourage you to visit to learn more about what is going on in your neighbourhood, community and city. The mid June newsletter will contain a comprehensive update on all the Park and Greenspace improvements occurring in the ward and details on the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus! Comments on any topic are always welcome: jlukes@winnipeg.ca

1. 2019 Road Construction in Waverley West

This is the first time I’ve posted the road condition’s map for the new Waverley West ward. Check it out and learn how the Public Works department prioritizes street repairs and renewals. If you need any repairs on your street or feel the condition is worse that identified on the map, please email me jlukes@winnipeg.ca For complete details see 2019 Road Construction.

2. Traffic Calming, Traffic Lights

I receive many calls to slow down traffic on streets, change the timing of lights, add a stop sign and more! As the new neighbourhoods of Waverley West fill in with more and more people, traffic increases and new traffic patterns develop. I forward many of the requests to the Public Works department to have the engineers study to see if the additional of speed and traffic control devices met criteria for installation of new traffic control measures. I am now posting the requests and results of studies (when complete) in each neighbourhood section on my website. Please check 'Your Neighbourhood' or a complete summary of Roads on my website to see what is being studied.

3. Fountains in Bridgwater

The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater have three beautiful fountains that are spectacular community gathering places. There have been some challenges with fountain operations and maintenance over the years but I believe we have and are in the process of resolving the issues. Please see more details for each fountain at: Bridgwater Forest Fountain, Bridgwater Lakes Fountain, and Bridgwater Trails Fountain.

4. Sod Replacement on Three Soccer Fields

The City and developers have come to an agreement to replace the sod on three soccer fields this summer. This will be an inconvenience, and I apologize, but I am very pleased to finally see decisions being made so that we can get these soccer fields in operation for the South Winnipeg Community Centre soccer programming! Over 1,500 children registered for soccer this year! Please see Sod Replacement on Three Soccer Fields

5. Final Stages of Approval Underway – ‘Waverley West B’ Neighbourhood

We are now entering the final planning stages of just over 430 acres of land in the last developable area in the community of Waverley West. We anticipate final approval of the plan to occur in June, and then this area will be ready for development and the construction of the new schools (elementary and high school) and new recreation campus! Please see Waverley West B for more details.

6. Businesses of Bridgwater Block Party – Saturday June 8th

Saturday June 8th! Join the Businesses of Bridgwater and community for a Block Party on Centre street in Bridgwater Center! Over 60 vendors are ‘setting up shop’! The street will be shut down, there will be scavenger hunts, food, entertainment, music and more! Best Version Media – producers of the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater Magazine - is organizing this event with the businesses. World Champion Jill Officer will be in attendance with her gold medals, animal services will have some furry friends, the Winnipeg Police, Fire and Paramedic departments will be attending with shiny vehicles – rain or shine - this will be a fun event! For more details see Businesses of Bridgwater Block Party

7. Events and Celebrations

Southwest Winnipeg is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Winnipeg and there are always wonderful celebrations occurring that you are WELCOME to attend! I attend many of these events as it provides residents with the opportunity to meet me to discuss any concerns they have. We post new events weekly as there are so many! See details at Events.

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Celebrating Nepali New Year
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