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A long overdue newsletter is now in your mail box! It’s been an incredibly busy summer and early fall at City Hall! I’ve been engaged on many different issues, both locally and City wide! I post information quite frequently on my website at www.JaniceLukes.ca, on my Facebook Page and on Twitter, but also like to stay in touch through this newsletter. Please check out a section on my website called YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD, where information specific to each neighbourhood is posted regularly to keep you informed.

1. October 9th - Speed, Traffic Calming & Road Safety Event

New roads and fast cars – a deadly combination. On October 9th I am holding a community conversation for you to discuss your concerns. The Winnipeg Police Service, Fire Paramedics, City of Winnipeg Transportation staff and I will be in attendance to discuss what each party is doing to reduce speed and improve road safety (I had invited Manitoba Public Insurance, they accepted, but then declined).This event will be held at École South Pointe School and I encourage you to attend. For complete details see: Speed, Traffic Calming and Road Safety Event

2. Special Invitation: October 12th, Sod Turning - Mother Language Plaza

Please join many communities as we come together for a sod turning and tree planting ceremony in Kirkbridge Park to mark the site of the Mother Language Plaza! The Mother Language Plaza is a peace building and reconciliation initiative led by the Manitoba Bangladesh Bhaban and supported by many. The public plaza, located on traditional lands, will provide a site for contemplating the importance of the Mother Language, to celebrate one’s own heritage, culture and language identity, and foster tolerance and respect for others. The United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages and this year’s theme is “Indigenous languages matter for development, peace building and reconciliation.” For more details on partners and the project see: Mother Language Plaza

3. How to Get Increased Traffic Enforcement

My office receives many calls requesting increased speed and traffic enforcement in the neighbourhoods. For sure some areas have more issues than others, but HOW does the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) prioritize where to enforce, while at the same time ensuring they optimize their resources? If there is speeding on your street, or you see regular occurrences of people running red lights, making wrong turns, etc., please report the traffic complaint online. Reporting helps the WPS identify problem areas and they will send out increased traffic enforcement. I can’t say enough how important it is to report. The WPS are very busy with many issues throughout the City. Frequent reporting shows areas as ‘hot spots’ and they will send resources to these areas. And you can report ONLINE – from the comfort of your home!

4. Crime Prevention Funding Available

Council has approved a new program which we hope will harness some new local ideas to assist in preventing crime. I am especially supportive of grass roots programs that engage the community to draw out ideas. $5,000 grants are available to community groups who want to implement ideas to reduce crime (ie: light sensor program, doorbell camera program, engaging youth, etc.). While the City, Province and Federal government have larger initiatives underway to address the root causes of crime, this new program hopefully will stimulate even more local ideas. No one knows a neighbourhood better than the folks living in the neighbourhood. For complete details see: Crime Prevention Funding

5. MAJOR MILESTONE - South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

Council has identified the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus to be a priority and is applying for Provincial and Federal funding. It is now will be up to the Province and Federal government to determine the funding amounts they will contribute to the recreation campus. I recommend you contact MLA’s (Jon Reyes & Sarah Guillemard) and MP (Terry Duguid) and Federal Conservative candidate Melanie Maher and request they take an active role in seeking generous funding support. For more details see: South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

6. Internal Operations & City Leadership

Without a doubt there are significant challenges with the City’s internal operations (permitting department, 311, communication, contempt of court charges, leadership and more). Regularly I’ve posted on the challenges and how I and other Councillors continually strive to improve the system: motions for by-law changes, motions' policy changes, calls for audits of departments, etc. BUT - improving the entire system, the ‘big picture’ - starts at the top. In light of the recent activities, I have posted some comments. See Internal Operations & City Leadership. I welcome YOUR comments on this topic. jlukes@winnipeg.ca

7. Exciting News – Community Office

I am very pleased to announce that I will be opening a community office in the Richmond West Mall early in 2020. I am only able to do this because Councillor Markus Chambers (St Norbert-Seine River) and I have partnered to share an office so we can provide better service to our residents. Unlike Provincial and Federal elected officials, the City of Winnipeg does not have special funding set aside exclusively for community offices. Councillor Chambers and I have opted to pool our limited resources, restrict our bench, recycling bin & various other advertising opportunities to instead open an office in the community. The office will be staffed with our executive assistants on a regular basis. We will meet with residents and provide more opportunities to discuss important issues. Details are being finalized, and we will keep you updated!

8. Events and Celebrations

Folklorama may be over, but the celebration of culture and community NEVER ends in South Winnipeg! Lots of exciting events are always happening! See details at Events.
Opening New Jubilee Underpass - Bikes, Trains, Transit, Pedestrians & Vehicles!

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