Hello All!*

Fall is here, and the pace and volume of work seems to ramp up in record time! It’s been almost two years since you elected me to represent you at City Hall and I want you to know, these two years seem like a mere two weeks ago!  We have a very active community, with many interesting situations, challenges and opportunities to work on!  

I’m using my website and E-newsletter to record highlights of the past two years, and as I reflect on this time, it's clear that by working together, we have some positive accomplishments for the South Winnipeg-St Norbert ward and our City!  

It’s a great privilege to represent our community, and I look forward to working with all of you in the next two years of my 4-year term. My October newsletter highlights a few of the key projects I’ve been working on.



1. Growth Fees

I’m being open and transparent with my thoughts and position by posting regular updates on my website (Ward Priorities: Tax Dollars) regarding how I believe the City of Winnipeg should position for growth in the coming years. This is a very important issue for ALL Winnipeggers, and the direction this Council takes is critical. My goal in this discussion/decision is to ensure we have a fair, equitable and sustainable approach in growing our City.  I just posted my 4th Update which I encourage you to review.


2.  YOUR Input on City Priorities & 2017 Budget - Town Hall on Thursday, October 13

Please join myself, Mayor Bowman and Councillors Allard, Mayes and Morantz on Thursday, October 13 to discuss City priorities and the 2017 Budget.  This is YOUR chance to voice your concerns and ask questions about the future of YOUR City!  SEE DETAILS.

And as always, please review my Events Page to see what else is occurring in the ward.  We update this page weekly, and there's lots going on!


3.  New Residential Developments on Pembina

I’m extremely pleased that two new, innovative residential developments on Pembina Highway have received approval to proceed. I’ve worked with developers on both projects for almost two years to reach the final approval point in the process. Terrasse Boisjoli is a modern Parisian-style apartment complex with a coffee shop that will be constructed on the banks of the Boisjoli Coulee in St. Norbert.

A yet-to-be-named 14-storey apartment complex catering to students will be constructed at the location of the former Dairy Queen on Pembina Highway! Not to worry – I hear that DQ is relocating close by!  Stay tuned for details!


4.  Changing the Built Environment to Calm Traffic - New Pilot Projects

We have many new road and active transportation projects occurring in the South Winnipeg-St Norbert Ward!  I’ve partnered with the City's Public Works department to implement some innovative approaches to traffic calming on both new and existing roads. These traffic calming pilot projects on Kilkenny, Aldgate and Bridgeland Drive are a new approach to reduce speeding traffic. I welcome your comments.


 5. Combating Illegal Rental Housing

We currently have a class of Master's students working with the community to research best practices across Canada, zoning approaches, mixed use developments, equity issues and more – all related to combating illegal rental housing! I’m expecting that by December, the students will be ready to present their findings to residents!  Watch my website for details!

The Fort Richmond-University Heights Neighbourhood Association is also continuing to educate residents, tenants and landlords alike on these issues. It's important to note that their efforts are also serving as a unique Pilot Project, one from which other neighbourhoods and residential groups can benefit.  They are happy to share ideas and information!


6.  Snow Removal Assistance for Seniors - New Snow Angel Program

Register before October 31 with the Snow Angels Program if  you would like to receive snow removal assistance! I started working on this initiative last year, and am thrilled to see it all come together with the help of Take Pride Winnipeg! Seniors can register to have snow removal assistance, and students have the opportunity to gain volunteer credits!  Win-Win!


7. Want to Serve on a City Board/Commission?

Each September, the City Clerk’s Department initiates an annual selection process to fill citizen positions on City Boards and Commissions.  The current openings include positions with the Access Advisory Committee, Winnipeg Committee for Safety, Winnipeg Police Board and more. The deadline for applications is November 18.   SEE DETAILS.

In closing, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to Bev, my Operations Manager for the South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Ward, for all the support she provides to our ward's 66,700+ constituents and myself.  Bev and I work closely together to resolve concerns and assist residents.  Thank you, Bev! 

Wishing everyone a safe, peaceful and ‘stuffed’  long weekend with family and friends.  


 A very successful Food Truck Friday, coordinated by
Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association!


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