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This is a full newsletter which only touches on the highlights of my activities as your City Councillor for South Winnipeg-St. Norbert!  Due to an interesting series of events, I have more time in my schedule to meet one-on-one with residents and community groups in the new year!  Councillors don't have a budget for a ward office, but Smitty's makes for a great meeting place! If you are interested in discussing City Hall and ward initiatives, please contact me and we’ll meet for coffee!


1. New Roles & Opportunities at City Hall

Each year, an Organizational Meeting of Winnipeg City Council is held.  This year, Mayor Bowman chose to remove myself and Councillor Browaty from his Executive Policy Committee, and appointed Councillors Gilroy and Gillingham.

In addition to my role as Councillor for South Winnipeg-St. Norbert, see details on the roles I now hold at City Hall.  The old saying "when one door closes, another opens" couldn’t be more true.  I now have a schedule that allows more community time, and I will be focusing on these opportunities


2.  The Impact of Impact Fees in Waverley West - Public Open House on Wed., February 8 

Effective May 1, 2017, new homes built in the communities of Waverley West will be subject to an ‘Impact Fee’. This fee is roughly $500 for every 100 sq. feet of residential space.  There was no public consultation process or detailed information sessions held by the City on this controversial fee which I spoke to at the October 26th Council meeting.

Recently, information on Impact Fees was posted on the City website, but I believe citizens should have an opportunity to learn more and ask additional questions. I am hosting a Public Open House on February 8 with a panel of experts who will present an overview of Impact Fees, their purpose and how they will affect the communities of Waverley West. See Event Information.


3.  2017 Winnipeg Capital & Operating Budget

Every year, the City brings forward a balanced budget.  Residents have the opportunity to register and speak to Councillors and the Mayor about how tax dollars are being collected and invested. See the Budget Schedule for details.  You can contact me anytime regarding the budget by E-Mailing me at jlukes@winnipeg.ca.


4.  South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

There are many, many steps in designing and constructing a regional recreation complex. This week, we are reaching another major milestone with the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP). The RFP will ask interested architects, designers and planners to form a team and submit a proposal on how they will collect information to deliver a high-level conceptual design and the cost for a new regional recreation complex in South Winnipeg. See Recreation Complex for details.


 5. Transit - Bridgwater, South Pointe & City-Wide

Securing expanded transit service in Bridgwater and South Pointe has been a focus of mine since the day I was elected. The Maples and South Winnipeg are Winnipeg Transit’s top priorities based on demand. I am optimistic these route expansions will be included in the City's 2017 budget. See details on route expansions and costs.


6.  Combatting Illegal Rental Housing

Two community information sessions are planned for the coming months.

The U of M Master Students' final presentation which I planned to host in December is ON HOLD until the U of M Faculty Association strike has concluded.  We will keep you informed - watch my website for updates.

The February 11th Fire Code Information Session will provide detailed information to help you determine if a suspected illegal rooming house meets Fire Code as well as the expected action from City of Winnipeg Fire Inspectors.


7. Vision Zero and Traffic Calming Initiatives 

Prior to being elected, I worked closely with many communities to improve walking and cycling. During this process, I became very familiar with Vision Zero, Sweden's framework for traffic safety.  Edmonton recently implemented their Road Safety Strategy incorporating the Vision Zero approach, and other Canadian cities are moving in a similar direction. It is my hope Winnipeg will follow suit, and I'll be working to make it happen.

Currently, I am working with the City's Public Works department to pilot traffic calming methods to improve road safety for all users (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists) in our ward.  Many may be familiar with the successful raised crosswalks on Dalhousie Drive and Bridgland Drive North, and I have NEW UPDATES on both the Aldgate Road and Kilkenny Drive speed table pilot projects. 


8.  Setting & Delivering on Expectations 

The City's Parks Department has been reorganizing roles, responsibilities and communication protocol with its staff over the past 5 months. During this process, three key projects in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward have been negatively impacted. The unfortunate part of this ‘re-org’ is that expectations for these projects were set by the Department with with me -  and I in turn, shared these expectations with residents.

For details on the three parks projects that did not occur this year, but will progress in 2017, please review the update.


9.  Events in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert

Law in the Library, skating and breakfast with Santa, winter celebrations in South Pointe and St. Norbert, and so much more!  Check out the many events occurring in our ward! If your organization has a community event you’d like posted, please E-Mail jlukes@winnipeg.ca!


 Celebrating Diwali 2016 'Festival of Lights' with
South Winnipeg-St. Norbert constituents 


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