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To be frank, October has been a challenging month at City Hall! Rushed votes, failed lawsuits, dramatic ward boundary changes, the pending departure of Bev Sawchuk, the hiring of a new Operations Manager, and trying to control traffic noise on the South Perimeter!  I can say I am very excited to flip the calendar on October and welcome November!

The issues below are all challenging and important, and I encourage you to read this newsletter in detail.  I welcome any feedback you may have - please E-Mail my office:  jlukes@winnipeg.ca


1.  Portage & Main - Refurbishment and the Move Towards Opening the Intersection

In a mere 7 business days, the long awaited reports on details surrounding the opening of Portage and Main were released and voted upon. These reports were:

• Released on Friday

• Amendments were made the following Wednesday

• An additional 300 pages of reports were released the following Friday

• And the vote at City Council was on the following Wednesday

Under the direction of the Mayor and Executive Policy Committee, there were no Council briefings for all members of City Council - and hence no opportunity to seek clarification or ask questions.  I’m beginning to sound like a broken record – even to myself - but I do not believe this type of information sharing and lack of Council discussion on major investments is acceptable. The process was another prime example of why a governance review is required.  SEE: Portage and Main


2. Deacon Water Treatment Plant - $30 Million Missed Lawsuit 

It is extremely important to hold members of City Council and the Public Service accountable. I am very concerned about the financial impact taxpayers will have to bear due to a monumental oversight of the City's legal department, and will be following this issue with extreme diligence. I’ve compiled relevant presentations which I and others made, and recommend you review the information and watch the video clips.  SEE: Deacon Water Treatment Plant Lawsuit.  


3.  Review of City's Electoral Wards Boundaries

A 2017 Wards Boundaries Commission Draft Report has been prepared, outlining the realignment of Winnipeg's electoral wards.  To recap, this review is occurring because our City is growing, and 2016 Stats Canada data showed there is a great variation among ward populations, presenting unequal representation to constituents. The proposed wards boundaries will be voted on at the December, 2017 meeting of City Council. I encourage you to review the draft report as the South Winnipeg- St. Norbert ward is essentially being split in half. SEE: Ward Boundaries Review to learn about the plan to divide our existing ward into two new wards of Waverley West and St Norbert.


4.  Traffic Noise/Air Brakes on South Perimeter

An increase in traffic on the South Perimeter Highway, combined with an increase in the number of residential homes, is raising concerns about noise control of semi-trailer trucks.  This is a complex and difficult issue to enforce, but I've been working with a variety of partners to find a solution. SEE:  Traffic Noise



5.  New Ward Operations Manager

Bev Sawchuk, our South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Operations Manager for the past three years, is leaving City Hall to pursue a new role in the environmental-conservation field, the focus of her education.  Bev has provided outstanding service to myself and the 68,000+ citizens of South Winnipeg- St Norbert, and I know we will greatly miss her and wish her well.

Our new Ward Operations Manager, Karly Dolski, will be replacing Bev officially on November 14.  Over the next ten days, Bev will be providing Karly with training focused on the role, our ward and City Hall. Karly has extensive public relations experience and a solid organizational background, and I look forward to her support and assistance.


Celebration with Richmond West Neighbourhood Association and community members at Kirkbridge Park Refurbishment Opening


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