2023 Update – Bridgwater Trails Fountain

Rose Lake Green (Bridgwater Trails) Fountain Closure – July to December 2023

The Bridgwater Trails fountain is still owned and operated by the developer – Manitoba Housing. The City of Winnipeg has not taken ownership from Manitoba Housing, and will not take ownership until the fountain is in 100% working order.

We recognize that this is a huge inconvenience to not have the fountain in the summer – but the City must ensure it is top working order before all maintenance and ownership becomes the responsibility of the City.

Manitoba Housing is a division of the Province of Manitoba – feel free to reach out to your MLA Jon Reyes (https://www.jonreyes.ca/)  to express any concerns you may have.

Expected closure date is July 4th. The fountain is planned to re-open summer 2024.

FYI: The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater is the largest development Manitoba Housing has ever undertaken – and they have encountered some  challenges. I and the City’s land development team are  constantly working with them to ensure they deliver on what they have committed to – this is a very good overview: https://janicelukes.ca/your-neighbourhood/bridgwater-forest/many-factors-maintenance-new-developments/

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Rogers, the Land Development Planner with Manitoba Housing.  Jennifer is available by email at BridgwaterDevelopment@gov.mb.ca .