$74.3M from Bridgwater Land Sales Re-invested into Winnipeg’s Inner-City

As of March, 2016, $74.3M*  from land sales in the Bridgwater Neighbourhoods has been re-invested into revitalizing Winnipeg’s inner-city through the Province of Manitoba’s Housing Development and Rehabilitation Fund, set up by Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation (MHRC).   Land sales occur when residents/homebuilders or commercial entities purchase land from the developer, MHRC.

MHRC’s land development portfolio includes the ongoing, multi-year development of the Bridgwater Neighbourhoods, a 1,400 acre land parcel in SW Winnipeg.

For complete details of MHRC’s land development activities, see Annual Reports – Housing and Community Development / Land Development  It’s not clear in the annual reports how long MHRC plans to continue re-investing a portion of land sales into Winnipeg’s inner-city.

Excerpt from 2008– 2009 Annual Report:  Under the newly enacted Housing Development and Rehabilitation Fund (HRDF), proceeds from MHRC’s suburban development (land sales in the Bridgwater Neighbourhood) will be directed towards revitalizing Winnipeg’s inner-city. This fund is expected to reach $14.5 million over the next four years.

*August 2017:  “I can confirm that total amount reinvested in HDRF from the Bridgwater Neighbourhood is $74.3 million to March 31, 2016”.  – Jaime Patrick, Director, Land Development, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation





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