Abandoned Vehicles

I’ve attached some photos I’ve taken, and that people have sent to me. These ‘marshmallows’ are vehicles that have been parked on the streets for weeks! Some for months! It’s just incredible that so many vehicles are using the streets as public parking lots. These snow covered vehicles present serious safety concerns to our streets.

The City currently has a very cumbersome, long process to tow abandoned vehicles. I received unanimous support to pursue making changes to the City’s process of removing abandoned vehicles, and anticipate the public service will come up with an easier method to remove – BUT until that happens:

  • If you see a vehicle that has been sitting on the street, and that has not moved in days, please contact 311 (311@winnipeg.ca) and provide them with an address that is close to the vehicle, and a license plate if the vehicle has one.
  • If you can send a photo, please send also.
  • If the vehicle has no license plate, please send any additional information such as the vehicle make, color of vehicle, etc.

During a residential street plow, the City does its best to move vehicles, but sometimes there are just so many that they do not get to towing all vehicles. I am not sure why we have so many vehicles in the Waverley West ward parking on the streets for long periods of time, but please know I am aggressively trying to change the ‘process’ so we can remove these ‘abandoned’ vehicles off the streets in a more timely manner.