About Janice

Janice was raised on a third‐generation family farm in Manitoba’s Interlake and has made Winnipeg her home for 35 years. With a desire to learn about different lifestyles and cultures, her travels have taken her to Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Japan, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, England and dozens of American states. As an entrepreneur and former business owner, Janice has been self-employed for over 25 years, and prior to being elected, as an infrastructure fund development consultant for a multitude of organizations in the fields of active transportation, heritage, water conservation and age friendly initiatives. Today, Janice and Richard have teen age triplet sons and live in South Winnipeg.


Invested In The Community

Prior to her election as City Councillor, Janice volunteered and worked with many organizations in South Winnipeg:


  • Various Positions Held Between 2001-2013
  • Province of Manitoba, Active Transportation Advisory Committee,   Chair
  • City of Winnipeg, Active Transportation Advisory Committee, Member
  • Red River Floodway Trails, Co-Chair
  • Winnipeg Trails Association, Executive Director
  • Bike to the Future (now Bike Winnipeg), Member
  • Event Day Stadium Advisory Committee, Active Transportation Representative
  • Save Our Seine River Environmental Inc. , Member
  • Manitoba Recreational Trails Association, Member & Past Director
  • Bishop Grandin Greenway Inc. , Past Director & Member