Active Transportation Route Through the Field Connecting Whyte Ridge & Bridgwaters


On April 9, 2020, the public service provided a verbal update on the complexities and cost to construct a pathway linking Bridgwater Lakes to Whyte Ridge. The estimated cost to construct is approximately  $1.65 million. At this time, this is not a top city wide priority to fund.

I’m asking the public service to provide information on the opportunities and challenges related to the development of a pathway connection linking Whyte Ridge and the Bridgwaters. See Motion. Many residents are requesting a connection that travels through the open fields between the two neighbourhoods. I am familiar with some of the opportunities and challenges – and expect the Public Works Dept. will have more. Here are some to consider:

The large open field is owned by many:
• Manitoba Hydro – the corridor
• The City of Winnipeg – the drainage right of way, the east-west road right of way, two greenspaces that are future road right of ways – land just north of Northtown Road and land just south of Scurfield – a greenspace for a future road called Eldorado Blvd.
• Many many private land owners – smaller and larger lots and the former rail line

Distance connecting Whyte Ridge and Bridgwaters:
• The distance of a route through the field is ~ .600 metres
• The distance of an existing asphalt pathway along Kenaston Blvd is ~ 2 km

Drainage Right of Way:
• A bridge is required to allow safe access over the drainage right of way.
• City has installed bridges over other drainage right of ways and is familiar with costs.

The information the department will bring forward will help better understand what would be required in connecting Whyte Ridge and Bridgwater with a pathway.