Where Do I Vote?

The residents of Waverley West ward are part of a pilot project that is enabling us to vote at MANY MANY locations.  We are able to vote in ADVANCE of election day on October 26th, AND of course, we can vote on election day!

  • To find out where you can vote:   Please ENTER YOUR ADDRESS and you will see a long list of voting locations.

Please also ensure you click on the “Show All Locations” box that will open up and show you ALL the locations we can vote.





I know it can be challenging to figure out who to vote for – but it is important that you take some time to learn about who is running for Mayor and City Councillors.

You can click on the candidates and learn more about them, and what they stand for. Democracy is fragile, all we have to do is look around the world and see the horrors of what can occur in undemocratic societies.

It is very important you vote, and the City is providing us with lots of opportunities to find a time and location to vote.