Bison Drive Build Out

Since elected in 2014, I estimate I’ve brought forward over 40 requests to have engineers in Public Works study traffic issues ranging from:

  • Traffic calming (speeding)
  • Installing stop signs (due to increased traffic volumes)
  • Installing turning signals (arrows in traffic signals to move volumes of traffic)
  • Installing no parking signs (to increase visibility)
  • Installing traffic signals (to direct volumes of traffic)
  • Speed reductions (on streets whose purpose has changed due to development)
  • Street painting and signage (to improve wayfinding navigation)
  • And more.

Many of these studies resulted in solid action – installation of stop signs / speed tables / wayfinding / turn signals, etc.

But – why so many studies ? What is the need for all these studies ?

  • Many of the transportation issues result from attaching the new communities of the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, Prairie Pointe and South Pointe to Richmond West without fully building out Bison Drive.

Traffic is like water – it will find a route to get from Point A to Point B – of travelling from east to west.  Many of these east – west connections being made are on residential streets, through residential neighbourhoods.  Area residents are familiar with many of these changes that have been made over the past few years to calm traffic and make safer connections:

  • The volume and speed of traffic on Lee Blvd seeking an east-west connection – resulting in speed tables and stop signs.
  • The wayfinding and signs on John Angus and 4 way stop signs to Sandusky – providing a safe east-west connection.
  • Speed table installation on Bridgland Drive North and Bridgland Drive South to traffic calm as residents passed through Bridgwater Forest seeking and east-west connection.
  • A new no left turn off Bairdmore onto Hawstead Road to limit east – west cut throughs.

Positive news is on the horizon!

Phase One: Bison Road 2022

  • Qualico is developing the first new neighbourhood in Waverley West B but construction of the new neighbourhood can’t start till roads are constructed! Phase One of a new segment of Bison Road will be constructed in 2022 – to enable construction of the new neighbourhood and enable construction of the new high school and elementary school, recreation campus and fire hall.
  • In addition, North Town Road will be extended south, and a section of Lee Blvd will be upgraded in 2021-2022 and a controlled intersection (lights) will be installed at Lee Blvd and Waverley Street in 2022.
  • All of these new roads will include a separated multi use pathway alongside.

Phase Two: Bison Drive & Intersection TBA

  • The City is updating the Transportation Master Plan and will be prioritizing future road connections throughout the City. I fully expect the final build out of Bison Drive to be a priority in the updated Transportation Master Plan. Funding for Phase Two of Bison Drive is a shared responsibility of Qualico, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, the City of Winnipeg, and the landowner just west of MPI. The intersection has yet to be designed, and it alone is estimated to be upwards of $30 Million.
  • The new neighbourhoods of Bridgwaters, Prairie Pointe and South Point have built out faster than ever anticipated –and the City is playing catch up in the development of a few final pieces of major infrastructure (Bison, Recreation Campus & Fire Halls)
  • I do not have a timeline on the construction of Phase Two of Bison Drive and the intersection at Waverley Street, but expect to know more in the next 12 months as the Transportation Master Plan is completed.
  • Also included in Phase Two of Bison Drive will be a multi-use pathway extending from John Angus Drive to Bishop Grandin

Phase Two of Bison Drive is an expensive piece of infrastructure, but when complete, will resolve many traffic flow issues in Richmond West and surrounding neighbourhoods.