Waverley Construction – Bison Run Servicing

If you live or travel in southwest Winnipeg, you will see pipes of all sizes and much construction occurring on Waverley St. between Lee Blvd. and the Sandusky / John Angus intersection. This construction and partial road closure will continue, pending decent weather, till the end of January 2022.

This construction work is another stage in the development of transforming 400 acres of mostly wide-open prairie fields into many new neighbourhoods. The installation of these pipes will ultimately provide wastewater removal to approximately 400 acres of land, many houses and businesses, and is another major milestone in the land development process.

In and around 2015, Qualico purchased 200 acres of land from Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation. Qualico and the City of Winnipeg initiated a two-year planning process with private land owners, to determine where roads, parks, pathways, single family, multifamily and commercial development would be located. Many meetings and discussions were held with landowners to finalize what is called a secondary plan. With the secondary planning process complete, Qualico recently applied for a subdivision and rezoning for their first new neighbourhood in Bison Run.

This summer, Qualico started building the foundation for the neighbourhood. You may have seen the mountains of smaller concrete and plastic pipes that were being installed to supply water and enable wastewater removal to homes. Roads are being constructed and soon lots will be sold to home builders.

The pipes on Waverley will ultimately connect and provide wastewater removal service to many homes and apartments. The wastewater will be transported underground to the Agassiz Drive pumping station, located near the Bishop Grandin Bridge and Red River. The pumping station moves the wastewater, in pipes, under the Red River, through St Vital, and to the South End Water Pollution Control Centre (sewage treatment plant) located just off the Perimeter Highway. An interesting fact I learned in this process is that all wastewater in southwest Winnipeg passes through the Agassiz Drive pumping station and is treated at the South End Water Pollution Control Centre.

The cost to install this network of pipes is initially paid for by Qualico, then is shared with all future homeowners and businesses when they hook up to the services.  The underground network of pipes, for water, wastewater, combined with underground fibre optics, cables, and other services in a City is quite amazing. I wish Qualico a fast, safe and rapid installation of the pipes on Waverley. Please drive with caution around the construction site.