Cadboro Community Garden

Cadboro Community Garden

As spring approaches, it’s time to plan your summer gardening activities! The Cadboro Community Garden is managed by the Manitoba Buddhist Vihara and Cultural Association and is open to all.

Gardening activities will commence as soon as the ground is dry enough for work, with a ready water supply system in place. The ground will be properly prepared before plot distribution, and compost and topsoil will be available upon garden opening.

Gardening plots will be available in two sizes with water included:

  • Standard plots: 14ft x 24ft plots ($75/season)
  • Small plots: 14ft x 14ft plots ($50/season)
  • Upon receiving your request, we will send you the 2024 registration forms, garden rules, payment details, and your assigned plot number
  • Plot allocation will be on a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage you to reserve your spot early
  • Additionally, we are seeking volunteers to assist with the initial preparation. If you are interested in lending a hand, please reach out to

Why You Should Get Involved in Community Gardening?

  • It Fosters a Deep Sense of Community by Providing Opportunities to Connect with Neighbours.
  • It’s a Place to Learn and Share.
  • It’s a Healthy Hobby that Greatly Reduce the Stress.
  • It Connects You with All Living Things.
  • It Provides You Fresh and Organic Produce
  • Anyone Can Do it and It’s Worth It.