Calling for a Strategic Plan

I along with many Councillors have been calling on the Mayor to initiate a strategic planning process with all of Council. Winnipeg City Council has never engaged and delivered a strategic plan, yet – virtually every similar sized City in Canada has developed a strategic plan, which articulates a vision, future direction and priorities for the City. i.e.: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax all have implemented strategic plans.

Council has approved many long-term plans, but Council requires an overarching strategic plan to enable residents to understand the direction, vision and priorities related to existing resources. A strategic plan allows for performance accountability and is used as a scorecard to measure the performance of Council in achieving the goals set out in the strategic plan.

  • A Council-approved strategic plan enables clear direction for the City, representing Council priorities and a prioritized policy agenda for matters to be considered by Council.
  • It provides a means of open debate regarding desired City performance overall, balancing desired service levels and efficiencies across all areas of City operations, and a clear understanding of the intended results.
  • It also provides a means for Council to monitor ongoing performance of the City in a cohesive way, a basis for communicating to citizens the results the City is expected to achieve, and overall transparency and accountability for performance. Similarly, it provides citizens with a means of understanding the City’s strategic direction and intended results, and accountability for these results. *

Over the years I’ve been on Council, many motions have come forward by Councillors calling for the development of a strategic plan but were never approved. Recently though – a motion has come forward for Council to develop a strategic plan that was accepted. It will be up to the new Mayor to decide if they want to proceed with the development of a strategic plan.

I am engaging mayoral candidates to ensure they are aware of how important a strategic plan is. It is my goal to ensure the City of Winnipeg has a strategic plan in place for the upcoming four years. That will require a Mayor who has the will to work with all Council members, to hear priorities from each Councillor, and to develop a plan for the City. I strongly believe planning for the future is critical to improving the quality of life in our city.

*MNP-LLP Governance Review Report – City of Winnipeg