Coyote Sightings

I’ve been receiving many reports on coyote sightings and some confrontations where people have been chased or growled at.  I spoke with two conservation officers from the Government of Manitoba’s Conservation Department.  – here is a summary:

 WHY are we seeing more coyotes:

  • We are seeing more coyotes because of expanding development. City of Winnipeg suburbs are encroaching on coyote habitat.
  • Coyotes are seeking to establish new territories so they are roaming around.
  • They are also seeking delicious food, like bunnies, hares and mice. These small animals live in tree’ d areas (i.e. Bridgwater Forest, Waverley Heights by Bishop Grandin)  or areas with long grasses (i.e. around our 40+ retention ponds & in parks like Bhagat Singh)

 WHAT to do – if you encounter a coyote:

  • Yell or wave your arms!
  • If you have a walking stick, wave it around. Officer suggested if you regularly see coyotes on your walks, that you carry an airhorn and blast it.
  • Ensure you dog is on a leash and keep it close to you. Supposedly coyotes think dogs are encroaching on their habitat and eating their food OR are too close to their den (home).
  • Coyotes don’t ‘chase’ people – they ‘escort’ you and your dog out of their territory – according to conservation officer.
  • It is extremely rare that a coyote attacks a person – dogs attack people far more than coyotes – according to conservation officer.


  • CALL: Winnipeg Wildlife Concerns phone number : 204-945-5221 (main line which is forwarded to Conservations Officer’s cell)
  • WEEKENDS or EVENINGS: Call 1-800-782-0076  – and your call will be relayed to a conservation officer.
  • It is important that the person who has the interaction speaks to the conservation officer to share details.
  • The conservation officer will ask questions about what the coyote looked like (healthy /sickly) and other pertinent questions to help them understand the exact situation.

Manitoba Conservation is encouraging people to learn how to co-exist with coyotes.