Crime and Community Safety Discussion

Crime and Community Safety Discussion

DATE:  Thursday March 9, 2023

TIME:  7 pm – 9 pm

LOCATION: South Winnipeg Community Centre – Waverley site – 1885 Chancellor Drive

Southwest Winnipeg has the lowest crime rate on average, in the City of Winnipeg , BUT we still have crime. I am hosting a Crime and Community Safety Discussion with the Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday March 9th at the South Winnipeg Community Centre, Waverley site, 1885 Chancellor Drive.

Police officers will be in attendance to answer questions.  I encourage you to attend and learn more about what types of crime we are experiencing in southwest Winnipeg. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your property.

The format will be a short presentation, then questions and answers. This is an incredible opportunity to directly speak with officers who are very familiar with our area, and the issues we are all facing.

Recently, there has been multiple break ins to businesses along Pembina Highway. You may have seen boarded up doors or windows which often indicate a recent break in. I’ve also received emails and reports from residents on vehicle break ins.  Crime in our city is being fueled by drug addictions and poverty, both very difficult issues to quickly solve.

If you are aware of a crime that has been committed, please report it to the police – you can report online on the City of Winnipeg website (  or call the Winnipeg Police Service’s non-emergency line at 204-986-6222. I cannot stress the importance of reporting suspicious activities or even the smallest crime incidents. If you don’t report any activities, the police will think everything is fine and will focus on other areas. If police are not aware of any incidents, they will continue to focus on areas that people are reporting. You must report crimes or suspicious activities so police can investigate.

Please, make a list of issues you’d like to discuss with the Winnipeg Police Service. They will be available all evening to answer questions.