Digital Map Identifying River Access Points

Photo Credit: KGS Group

We live in a city with spectacular rivers and creeks! The city has constructed many public access points to reach the banks of these rivers and creeks, but the access points are tucked away in many cases, behind trees and shrubs, waiting to be discovered. The photo I’ve included shows a recently constructed access point on Wellington Crescent and Park Blvd.

We have seen a tremendous increase in use of our parks and open spaces because of the pandemic and the need for social distancing. Currently the City does not have a map of any kind identifying. I’d like to see a digital map posted on the City’s website highlighting where these public access points are so they can be discovered by residents and our rivers and creeks can be enjoyed even more!

In 2021, Councillor Chambers and I invested in a kayak – canoe launch at La Barrière Park to provide better access to the LaSalle and lineups of people came to using the new access point. Rivers and creeks are a highlight in our city and should be discovered by all. I’ve brought forward a motion requesting the public service  prepare a digital map, identifying public riverbank lands and ‘signed’ river and creek access points.


WHEREAS the city has a policy of acquiring, and investing riverbank lands for public access, habitat preservation and infrastructure purposes;

AND WHEREAS the City has constructed various public river and creek access points;

AND WHEREAS the city signs, and identifies multiple river and creek access points;

AND WHEREAS the pandemic is resulting in residents exploring the great outdoors in increased numbers;

AND WHEREAS the there is no map, or digital website identifying where these city investments in land adjacent river and creeks and where access points are located;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Standing Policy Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment be requested to direct the Winnipeg Public Service to prepare a digital map, identifying public riverbank lands and ‘signed’ river and creek access points and report back in 90 days.