Eight of Winnipeg’s top 10 High Collision Intersections in South Winnipeg

Thank you to media for covering this important issue:

 This is not the list we want to be on. But enforcement is coming. However, enforcement is only part of the solution to reducing collisions and saving lives. YOUR driving skills are a key factor.

  • Kenaston and McGillivray now averages 304 collisions a year – this is UP from a study done between 2011 & 2015 that averaged 281 collisions a year (see in depth 2011-2015 study )
  • Kenaston and McGillivray is now ranked the HIGHEST COLLISION INTERSECTION in the City of Winnipeg

Bishop Grandin Blvd Collisions

Without a doubt there are multiple factors in why the Bishop Grandin Blvd intersections collisions are so high:

  • Trade corridor not designed to handle current volumes of vehicles
  • Intersection design related to increased volumes of vehicles
  • Congestion

BUT – when the Winnipeg Police Service conducted enforcement at the two top collision intersections in 2016, data revealed that nearly two of three citations issued by officers (60%) at these intersections over the course of the pilot were one of the following three offences:

  • ‘Disobey a traffic control device’ (47%);
  • ‘Use of a hand-held electronic device’ (38%); and
  • ‘Speeding’ (14%).

Thank you Winnipeg Police for the enforcement efforts you are about to take – this will be a short term solution.

For the long term, I’m optimistic Winnipeg Transportation Master Plan will look at a more comprehensive solution.

Top 10 High Collision Intersections

  1. Kenaston and McGillivray Boulevard — 1,217
  2. Leila Avenue and McPhillips Street — 1,179
  3. Lagimodiere Boulevard and Regent Avenue West — 978
  4. Kenaston Boulevard and Sterling Lyon Parkway — 919
  5. Grant Avenue and Kenaston Boulevard — 887
  6. Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Pembina Highway — 875
  7. Bishop Grandin Boulevard and St. Mary’s Road — 799
  8. Bishop Grandin Boulevard and St. Anne’s Road — 717
  9. Bison Drive and Pembina Highway — 717
  10. Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Dakota Street — 663