Evolving Issues with Residential Street Plow


  • Because the City was inundated with so much snow on the weekend, Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets had to be cleared before residential roads.
  • Because time passed before graders were able to get to the residential streets – the snow packed and turned into sheets of rutty ice (is rutty even a word?!)
  • It is taking EXTRA time to scrape this icy mess off the residential streets, and extra time to carefully store the snow as the snow banks are already so high


  • Because operators are having a hard time getting a Zone cleaned in 12 hours, SOME streets have not been cleaned.
  • If your street was not cleaned – please email (email is quicker) 311@winnipeg.ca and report it.
  • I am told all missed streets will be cleaned on Saturday and Sunday – SO it would be good to ensure your vehicle is NOT on the street on Saturday or Sunday.
  • There will not be any ticketing and towing on the weekend, but to get a clean street, you should move the vehicle off.


  • I am receiving reports there are large windrows (piles of snow) being left on driveways.
  • ONE of the reasons is because some vehicles are parked too close to the street and the plow cannot do a proper cleaning. (see photos)
  • I had one report where the plow actually damaged the vehicle that was parked to close to the street.
  • If your street hasn’t been cleaned yet, please ensure you vehicle is parked as close as possible to your house.

In speaking with long term snow removal operators, this winter is the worst they have seen over the past 30 years. So much snow, so much ice, COMBINED with such cold weather. Ice and cold weather causes machines to break down, which causes delays.

The sidewalk situation is quite frankly the worst I’ve ever seen. Between 30-50% of sidewalk machines break down on a daily / weekly basis and have to be repaired – so, in summary, please be patient, your street and sidewalk will be cleaned.

I know the operators are working around the clock to deal with the snow, as I’m told more is on the way! Again, if there are issues, it is easier to send your request for service by email 311@winnipeg.ca vs calling.