Finding Fire Hydrants

Photo credit: Elena

Plow operators do their best to ensure fire hydrants are not buried in snow – BUT – when there is a lot of snow – sometimes the fire hydrants become barely visible. This could be a problem if the fire department needs to access the hydrant as ‘seconds matter’.



Hydrants requiring manual snow removal will be shoveled IF you notify 311. This is a complaint based system, so the City (Public Works Department) needs to be made aware of the buried hydrant. Please email and identify the hydrant location by using the closest address of a building or street crossing. Clearly there are hundreds of buried fire hydrants, so it will take time to get to each one.

There’s a lot of snow and public works department is working flat out on removing snow from every nook and cranny. Instead of waiting – how about pitching in to help remove the snow around the hydrant?! Post your ‘clean hydrant’ on any of my social media posts or email me and I will post with a huge THANK YOU!!!
We are all in this together – and any help is greatly appreciated – as seconds matter when it comes to fire!