Governance Update – 2022

The process to update the City of Winnipeg’s Governance model started in 2016 – the new Council of 2022-2023 is now tasked to finalize the City of Winnipeg Governance Review:

On June 23, 2022 Council concurred in the recommendation of the Governance Committee of Council and adopted the following:

  1. That the Governance Committee of Council be granted an extension of time up to February 2023 to report back to Council on the Community Committee recommendations on the Governance Review Final Report.
  2. That Recommendation 2. B. of Item 13 of the Report of the Executive Policy Committee dated January 19, 2022, adopted by Council on January 27, 2022, be rescinded and replaced with the following:

“B. Report back to Council through the Governance Committee of Council and the Executive Policy Committee, with information regarding the implementation of recommendations 2 to 15 of the Governance Review Final Report by no later than February 2023.

SEE: MNP_LLP Governance Review Final Report



Some Councillors provided recommendations on how to improve the governance model at City Hall. See submissions:



These are key: