Kenaston Blvd and Bishop Grandin Safety

A ‘search’ of  Kenaston Blvd on my website brings up many studies and improvement made to Kenaston Blvd over the years.  I will say, it is frustrating to deal with so many issues that in my opinion, should have been considered PRIOR to adding 40,000+ to the area west of Waverley – the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, Prairie Pointe and South Pointe.  Progress is being made, but there still remains extensive congestion exiting Kenaston Blvd  at Bishop Grandin Blvd in the mornings.

In light of continued rapid growth of southwest Winnipeg, I’ve asked the public service to conduct further engineering research in improving safety, and to also bring forward long term plans for this intersection. I’ve also requested information on the final phase of the Bison extension from Frontier Road to Waverley.  I expect the engineering report will take approximately 6 months to conduct.

MOTION – Sept 27th, 2023

WHERES according to Stats Canada between 2016 and 2021, the Waverley West ward experienced a 27.2% increase in population, resulting in being the ward with the largest population growth in the City of Winnipeg;

AND WHEREAS 41,335 residents moved into primarily the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, South Pointe and Prairie Pointe, all located east of Pembina Highway;

AND WHEREAS Pembina Highway is the primary retail area that serves the Waverley West Ward;

AND WHEREAS the University of Manitoba is the second most commuted to destination in the City of Winnipeg;

AND WHEREAS there are no direct east-west collector streets between Kenaston Boulevard and Pembina Highway;

AND WHEREAS the construction date for the final extension of Bison Drive, from Frontier Road to Bison Road is undetermined;

AND WHEREAS the volume of vehicular traffic exists Waverley West via Kenaston Boulevard and Bishop Grandin Boulevard;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Winnipeg Public Service be directed to study the intersection of Kenaston Boulevard and Bishop Grandin Boulevard and report back with recommendations on the following:

  1. Improved safety measures
  1. Improved light synchronization
  1. The work required to complete the extension of Bison Drive from Frontier Street to Waverley Street
  1. The long term plan for the intersection at Kenaston Boulevard and Bishop Grandin Boulevard