Long Grass Enforcement Process

This applies to homeowners’ FRONT YARDS and BOULEVARDS. For this season, the City will be continuing with the accelerated enforcement process for long grass. Last year (2019), the City piloted a NEW ENFORCEMENT PROCESS for Section 8 of the Neighbourhood Liveability By–law that proved to be very effective:

8(1) Plants and vegetation must be kept trimmed so as not to become unsightly.

8(2) Other than on properties zoned for agricultural grazing and feeding and agricultural cultivation, turf must be kept trimmed to a maximum length of 15 cm (6 inches)

PLEASE NOTE: the pilot project is to enforce the HEIGHT of long grass and weeds – it is not focused on what weeds are on your property. The City’s weed control program changed in 2015 due to new Provincial legislation which restricts traditional pesticide use on lawns. We are seeing an abundance of dandelions and thistles because of the Provincial legislation changes. See Provincial Pesticide Legislation

  • If the City receives a complaint (through 311), a By-law officer is sent out to inspect the site (generally within one week).
  • If the By-law officer sees there is a violation of Section 8, 1, 2 or 3 – the By-law officer will issue an order and the property owner is given 7 days to comply.
  • Re-inspection occurs after 7 days to 10 days and if there is still a violation – (NEW) the department will remediate on the spot – ie: cut the long grass/weeds

The cost to remediate is billed to the homeowners property taxes in the amount of (approx) $250.

  • The Officer ALSO HAS THE OPTION to issue a ticket/fine in the amount of $150 with early payment of $75. The department generally issues tickets/fines for repeat offenders.

 Homeowners Responsibility for Boulevard Maintenance

In new developments, homeowners can find it confusing to understand who is responsible for mowing the grass on boulevards. A boulevard is the public space between the homeowners house and the street. Sometimes there is a sidewalk in the boulevard, sometimes there isn’t. Section 87 of the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law # 1/2008 – very simply explained, states:

Boulevards UNDER 20 feet:

  • If your boulevard is less than 20 feet, mowing the grass is your responsibility.

Boulevards OVER 20 feet:

  • The City of Winnipeg mows all grass on boulevards over 20 feet.

If you are uncertain who is responsible for cutting the boulevard, you or the City – please contact our office and we can assist you.