Payworks Moving to South Pointe!

Plans for the new head office of Payworks were approved this past September! Payworks is a workforce management solutions company, providing cloud-based Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Time and Absence Management to businesses across Canada. It is anticipated the head office will be employing up to 400 people at this location. Of course, this will stimulate much additional commercial development in the immediate area (shops, services, etc.).

The Payworks building located on Payworks Way, at the northeast corner of Waverley Street and Kenaston Boulevard, will be four (4) storeys in height and will have a floor area of approximately 88,265 square feet.

It will have parking for 386 vehicles, 322 stalls within the two-storey parking structure. The remaining 64 parking stalls will be located on a surface parking area to the east of the proposed office building. 44 bicycle parking spaces will also be provided near the main driveway from Payworks Way.

There will be significant landscaping on the site, including a total of 104 trees and 1,344 groups of native grasses.

See full details of the Payworks site plan.

Welcome to South Pointe!