Residents Take Action on Housing Shortage around U of M

Over the past few months, I’ve hosted multiple meetings in the communities of Fort Richmond and University Heights to hear the issues and address challenges related to the shortage of affordable rental housing around the University of Manitoba. This shortage of housing is resulting in many illegal occupancies in single family homes.

On November 9, 2015, about 35 residents met to discuss the formation of a structured residents’ association to address issues resulting from an affordable housing shortage and the lack of a short-term student housing strategy around the University of Manitoba.  To view the meeting agenda, see AGENDA Nov 9 2015 Residents Rental Housing Issue

At present, a number of sub-committees are in the process of being formed to research and examine the problem in greater detail:

  • Best Practices Scan
  • Data Collection (street inventory, complaints, infractions, investigations)
  • Communication (with neighbours, landlords, tenants and students)
  • Manitoba Housing, Rentals and Tenancy
  • By-Laws, Zoning and Parking (clarification, “simple English”, translations)
  • Regulatory (Revenue Canada, mortgages, insurance)
  • U of M and Student Relations

If any area residents, home owners, students or responsible landlords are interested in participating on a sub-committee, please contact Janice Lukes for information.




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