Review of Snow & Ice Clearing Policies Underway

Thank you to all residents who have been sending in their concerns related to the removal of snow and ice! Please know your feedback is being directed to the Public Service, and will be reviewed as part of the Snow & Ice Clearing Policy Review that is underway!

This has really been the winter to see how effective / ineffective the existing policies are!

  • In 2015 I initiated a complete review of the snow and ice clearing policy for the active transportation network. It was a long drawn out process, but ultimately resulted in improved policies for the network, BUT – we must continue to update our policies.

Currently, another review of ALL snow and ice clearing policies is underway. This review will be looking at improvements to current services, including but not limited to:

  • Improving timelines for when residential snow clearing will occur based on severe snow events through a delegated authority instrument.
  • Consideration of delegation of authority outside of the Annual Snow Route Parking Bans.
  • Efficacy and costs of plowing sidewalks to the concrete as opposed to snow packed levels.
  • Alignment with city policy of plowing sidewalks at the same time as roads on P1s, P2s and the enhanced snow clearing around schools.
  • Options regarding sanding and salting and sidewalks to enhance walking conditions, ways to improve completion timeframes, as well as treatments made to sidewalks based on complaints.
  • Enhanced plowing operations in residential neighbourhoods without sidewalks.
  • The impact of salt products used for snow and ice control on Winnipeg roads and sidewalks in relation to:
  • The survival of newly planted trees. the health of existing, mature trees and alternative products available for ice control which can replace the use of salt.

For rather interesting reasons, the Chair of Public works has been able to secure a commitment from the public service to have this report come forward in July of 2022. I look forward to seeing the public services recommendations on how we can improved the snow clearing in our City. NOTE: this review will not include associated costs – I expect that will involve another report – and then Council will have to decide what to fund.