Safe Pedestrian Access to Victoria Hospital

I’m very pleased to announce greatly improved pedestrian access to and from the Victoria Hospital!  You may have noticed a new set of traffic lights in front of  the Victoria Hospital.

These lights are called a Half Signal. Half signals are installed on high traffic volume routes. The lights will remain green UNTIL a pedestrian activates a notification button to cross the street. The lights will then turn red to stop vehicles, so the pedestrian can safely cross.

Previously, there was no traffic control device (lights or a crosswalk) enabling pedestrians to safety cross Pembina Highway to the Victoria Hospital.

ALSO, upgrades to the transit stations have occurred. A new south bound transit station has been located directly across from Victoria Hospital and sidewalk improvements have been made.  Transit users can now exit at the bus stop, and use the notification button to turn the light red, and safely cross the street.

I want to thank the Victoria Hospital Volunteer Guild for initiating this improvement a few years ago! It took a while but we now have safe access!!

Complete details of the lights can be viewed at: Pedestrian Half Signal Study