Speed Changing on Bison Drive

Speed limits will be changing from 80km/h to 60 km/h.  on Bison Drive. The speed will be reduced on Bison Drive to 60km/h between the entrance of Superstore and 100 metres west of Barnes Ave.  The Public Service recently conducted a review of speed limits on Bison Drive. Bison Drive is a regional street, full time truck route, bus route and snow route. There is an estimated traffic volume of 20,100 vehicles per day on the segment the studied (identified in the photo).  The Public Service took into consideration the use of the roadway, along with these factors in determining the speed reduction:

  • Rapid growth is resulting in an increased number of children attending Chancellor School, and many children cross at Bison at Barnes to attend Chancellor School.
  • Southwest Rapid transit has increased frequency in the area, and more people are using the transit stops at the intersection of Bison and Barnes – new transit platforms are being installed in spring of 2022 to support this increased use of transit, and
  • Multiple new multifamily housing has been and is being constructed, increasing the number of pedestrians in the area.

New signs identifying this change will be posted shortly. For more details see full report.